Museo Arqueológico de Asturias

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Partly within a restored 16th-century monastery, Asturias’ archaeology museum makes the most of the region’s archaeological riches through video and informative artefact displays. Subject matter ranges from rhinoceros teeth and prehistoric cave art to castro culture (pre-Roman fortified villages, often considered Celtic), Roman times, the medieval Kingdom of Asturias and relics from Oviedo’s unique pre-Romanesque buildings.

Explanatory details are in Spanish only, but staff will lend you an English or French guide booklet.

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1. Catedral de San Salvador

0.05 MILES

Oviedo's stunning cathedral complex was built mainly in Gothic and baroque styles between the 13th and 18th centuries. But its origins and greatest…

2. Museo de Bellas Artes de Asturias

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Oviedo’s Fine Arts Museum, housed in two of the city’s finest palaces, spans the centuries with its large and rewarding collection, featuring work by…

3. Plaza de Alfonso II

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One of Oviedo's most attractive public spaces is this expansive plaza fronting the cathedral, with historic mansions along its sides.

4. La Regenta Statue


One of Oviedo’s many open-air statues, Mauro Álvarez Fernández’ La Regenta (1997) pays tribute to Leopoldo Alas’ Oviedo-inspired 19th-century novel of the…

5. Plaza del Paraguas

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7. Plaza de Porlier

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Fine 17th- and 18th-century mansions line Plaza de Porlier, just west of the cathedral.

8. Ayuntamiento

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The golden-hued 17th-century ayuntamiento (city hall), with a handsome central tower flanked by 50m of elegant arcades, forms the centrepiece of Oviedo's…