Slovenia in detail

Money and Costs

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than €60

  • Hostel dorm bed or low-cost guesthouse: €15–25
  • Street food and self-catering: €10
  • Train/bus tickets: €10
  • Bicycle rental: €12
  • Pint of beer: €3

Midrange: €80–120

  • Room in a midrange hotel or pension: €40–60
  • Dinner in a good restaurant: €30
  • Train/bus tickets: €10
  • Lipica Stud Farm entry: €16

Top End: More than €120

  • Room in the best place in town: €80–100
  • Dinner in a very good restaurant: €40
  • Train/bus/taxi: €20
  • Postojna Cave entry: €26


Euro (€)


Gentle haggling is common at flea markets; in all other instances you’re expected to pay the stated price.


ATMs are widely available or you can exchange money at banks. Credit and debit cards are accepted by most businesses throughout the country.


ATMs – called bančni avtomat – are ubiquitous throughout Slovenia. If you have a card linked to either the Visa/Electron/Plus or the MasterCard/Maestro/Cirrus network and a pin code, you can withdraw euros anywhere.


  • One euro is divided into 100 cents. There are seven euro notes, in denominations of €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200 and €500.
  • The eight euro coins in circulation are in denominations of €1 and €2, then one, two, five, 10, 20 and 50 cents.
  • In practice, you may have trouble using large denominations over €50 for smaller purchases.

Changing Money

  • Exchange your home currency for euros at banks, post offices, tourist offices, travel agencies and private exchange offices.
  • Look for the words menjalnica or devizna blagajna to guide you to the correct place or window.
  • Most banks take a provizija (commission) of 1%. Tourist offices, travel agencies and exchange bureaus usually charge around 3%.

Credit Cards

Credit cards, especially Visa, MasterCard and American Express, are widely accepted, and you’ll be able to use them at restaurants, shops, hotels, car-rental firms, travel agencies and petrol stations.

Exchange Rates

New ZealandNZ$1€0.60

For current exchange rates, see


  • Hotels Gratuity for cleaning staff completely at your discretion.
  • Pubs Not expected unless table service is provided.
  • Restaurants For decent service 10%.
  • Taxis Round up the fare to the nearest euro.