Must-see attractions in St Petersburg

  • Jordan Staircase Of Hermitage Museum

    State Hermitage Museum

    St Petersburg

    The Hermitage fully lives up to its sterling reputation. You can be absorbed by its treasures for days and still come out wanting more. The enormous…

  • Grand Palace

    Around St Petersburg

    The Grand Palace is an imposing building, although with just 30-something rooms, it is not nearly as large as your typical tsarist palace. From the start…

  • General Staff Building

    St Petersburg

    The east wing of this magnificent building, wrapping around the south of Dvortsovaya pl and designed by Carlo Rossi in the 1820s, marries restored…

  • Lower Park

    Around St Petersburg

    One of the greatest attractions outside of St Petersburg is the jaw-dropping collection of gilded fountains, statue-lined lanes and picturesque canals…

  • Yusupov palace on the Moyka river.

    Yusupov Palace

    St Petersburg

    This spectacular palace on the Moyka River has some of the best 19th-century interiors in the city, in addition to a fascinating and gruesome history. The…

  • Katherine's Palace hall in Tsarskoe Selo (Pushkin).

    Catherine Palace

    Around St Petersburg

    The centrepiece of Tsarskoe Selo, created under Empresses Elizabeth and Catherine the Great between 1744 and 1796, is the vast baroque Catherine Palace,…

  • Mariinsky theater in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

    Mariinsky Theatre

    St Petersburg

    The Mariinsky Theatre has played a pivotal role in Russian ballet ever since it was built in 1859 and remains one of Russia's most loved and respected…

  • The Marble Bridge of the Catherine Park, Tsarskoe Selo, Pushkin.

    Catherine Park

    Around St Petersburg

    Around the Catherine Palace extends the lovely Catherine Park. The main entrance is on Sadovaya ul, next to the Palace Chapel. The park extends around the…

  • State Russian Museum....The Russian Museum today is a unique depository of artistic treasures, a leading restoration center, an authoritative institute of academic research, a major educational center and the nucleus of a network of national museums of art...The Russian Museum collection contains more than 400.000 exhibits. The main complex of museum buildings - the Mikhailovsky Palace and Benois Wing - houses the permanent exhibition of the Russian Museum, tracing the entire history of Russian art from the tenth to the twentieth centuries. The museum collection embraces all forms, genres, schools and movements of

    Russian Museum

    St Petersburg

    Focusing solely on Russian art, from ancient church icons to 20th-century paintings, the Russian Museum's collection is magnificent and can easily be…

  • The pond on New Holland island in St Petersburg.

    New Holland

    St Petersburg

    This triangular island was closed for the most part of the last three centuries, and has opened to the public in dazzling fashion. There's plenty going on…

  • Erarta, Museum of modern art.

    Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art

    St Petersburg

    Erarta's superb hoard of 2800 pieces of Russian contemporary art trumps its somewhat far-flung location. Housed in an ingeniously converted neoclassical…

  • St Petersburg, Russia. Sailing ship anchored by the Peter and Paul Fortress.; Shutterstock ID 161765633; Your name (First / Last): Brana V; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial; Full Product or Project name including edition: destination page images

    Peter & Paul Fortress

    St Petersburg

    Housing a cathedral where the Romanovs are buried, a former prison and various exhibitions, this large defensive fortress on Zayachy Island is the kernel…

  • Church on the Spilled Blood

    Church of the Saviour on the Spilled Blood

    St Petersburg

    This five-domed dazzler is St Petersburg’s most elaborate church, with a classic Russian Orthodox exterior and an interior decorated with some 7000 sq…

  • Alexander Nevsky Monastery, named after St Petersburg's patron saint.

    Alexander Nevsky Monastery

    St Petersburg

    The Alexander Nevsky Monastery – named for the patron saint of St Petersburg – is the city's most ancient and eminent monastery. Peter the Great made a…

  • St Isaac's Cathedral.

    St Isaac's Cathedral

    St Petersburg

    The golden dome of St Isaac’s Cathedral dominates the St Petersburg skyline. Its obscenely lavish interior is open as a museum, although services are held…

  • Grand Cascade

    Around St Petersburg

    Peterhof's uncontested centrepiece is the Grand Cascade, a symphony of over 140 fountains and canals partly engineered by Peter himself. To see the…

  • Vyborg castle

    Vyborg Castle


    Rising stoutly from an islet in Vyborg Bay, this castle was built by the Swedes in 1293 when they first captured Karelia from Novgorod. Most of it now…

  • Hermitage-Vyborg, Vyborg, Russia.

    Hermitage Vyborg


    Housed in a wing of a striking building designed by Finnish architect Uno Ulberg in 1930, this small museum hosts themed exhibitions that are curated from…

  • Hermitage Storage Facility

    St Petersburg

    Guided tours of the Hermitage’s state-of-the-art restoration and storage facility are highly recommended. This is not a formal exhibition as such, but the…

  • Street Art Museum

    St Petersburg

    It's well worth the effort making the trip out to see this magnificent collection of street art set inside a former 11-hectare industrial site. You'll…

  • Faberge egg at the Faberge Museum in Saint Petersburg.

    Fabergé Museum

    St Petersburg

    The magnificently restored Shuvalovsky Palace is home to the world's largest collection of pieces manufactured by the jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé …

  • Kunstkamera

    St Petersburg

    Also known as the Museum of Ethnology and Anthropology, this is the city’s first museum, founded in 1714 by Peter himself. It is famous largely for its…

  • Alexander Palace

    Around St Petersburg

    The classical Alexander Palace, built by Quarenghi between 1792 and 1796 for the future Alexander I, is surrounded by the charming Alexander Park…

  • New Hermitage

    St Petersburg

    Facing Millionnaya ul, the New Hermitage was built for Nicholas II in 1852, to hold the growing art collection and as a museum for the public. Designed by…

  • Winter Palace, Hermitage museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia
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    Winter Palace

    St Petersburg

    This stunning mint-green, white and gold profusion of columns, windows and recesses, with its roof topped by rows of classical statues, was commissioned…

  • Small Hermitage

    St Petersburg

    The classical Small Hermitage, which evolved from a series of buildings constructed between Palace Sq and the Neva between 1764 and 1769, was used by…

  • ST PETERSBURG, RUSSIA - JANUARY 25, 2015:State Hermitage is museum of art and culture. One of oldest museums in world, it was founded in 1764 by Catherine Great:
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    Great (Old) Hermitage

    St Petersburg

    Facing the Neva, this section of the museum (also known as the Large Hermitage) dates from the time of Catherine the Great. It mainly houses Italian…

  • Palace Square

    St Petersburg

    This vast expanse is simply one of the most striking squares in the world, still redolent of imperial grandeur almost a century after the end of the…

  • The Great Gatchina Palace.

    Gatchina Great Palace

    Around St Petersburg

    Shaped in a graceful curve around a central turret, the Gatchina Great Palace certainly lives up to its name – its enormous (if surprisingly plain) facade…

  • Kshesinskaia mansion, now housing the Museum of Political History.

    Museum of Political History

    St Petersburg

    The elegant Style Moderne Kshesinskaya Palace (1904) is a highly appropriate location for this excellent museum – one of the city's best – covering…

  • Exterior of Loft Project ETAGI cultural centre in St Petersburg.

    Loft Project ETAGI

    St Petersburg

    This fantastic conversion of the former Smolninsky Bread Factory has plenty to keep you interested, including many of the original factory fittings…

  • The Central Naval Museum is one of the oldest museums in Russia and one of the largest maritime museums in the world, located in St. Petersburg.

    Central Naval Museum

    St Petersburg

    Following a move to this beautifully repurposed building opposite the former shipyard of New Holland, the Central Naval Museum has moved into the 21st…

  • The Grand Menshikov Palace in Oranienbaum.

    Grand Menshikov Palace

    Around St Petersburg

    Menshikov’s impressive palace underwent a full restoration and reopened its state rooms in 2014. Most of the interiors are restorations of the 19th…

  • Grand Maket Rossiya

    Grand Maket Rossiya

    St Petersburg

    Russia in all its grit and glory – from the industrial sprawl of Magnitogorsk to the glittering domes of Moscow – is on full display at this vast…

  • Strelka

    St Petersburg

    This eastern tip of Vasilyevsky Island is where Peter the Great wanted his new city’s administrative and intellectual centre to be. In fact, it became the…

  • Lumiere Hall creative space, located on the Obvodniy channel embankment in the old building of gasholder.

    Lumiere Hall

    St Petersburg

    In a once-industrial part of the city, Lumiere Hall hosts large-format multimedia exhibitions – basically massive 3D projections in a 360-degree space,…

  • Alvar Aalto Library, Vyborg, Russia.

    Alvar Aalto Library


    A must-see for architecture fans is the beautifully designed public library, one of Finnish architect Alvar Aalto's iconic designs. After years of…

  • Russian Museum (Benois Wing)

    St Petersburg

    The Russian Museum's exhibitions of 20th-century works are held in this building's 1st floor, which is connected by stairs to the main collection in the…

  • The Peter and Paul Cathedral.

    SS Peter & Paul Cathedral

    St Petersburg

    All of Russia's prerevolutionary rulers from Peter the Great onwards (except Peter II and Ivan VI) are buried inside this cathedral. The magnificent…