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Kremlin & Red Square

The very founding site of the city (and arguably, the country), the Kremlin and Red Square are still at the heart of Moscow – historically, geographically and spiritually. Feel the weight of this significance as you wander within the walls of the ancient fortress, marvel at the mind-boggling magnificence of St Basil's Cathedral and pay your respects to the revered leader of a now-defunct state. Moscow will move you. It will tantalise your senses, soothe your spirit and boggle your mind – and it all starts right here at the Kremlin and Red Square.

Communist History

The remains of the Soviet state are scattered all around the city. Monuments remember fallen heroes and victorious battles, while museums attempt to analyse and synthesise the past. See Lenin and Stalin – off their pedestals – at the whimsical Art Muzeon. Step into the socialist-realist fantasy at VDNKh. Descend into the depths of the Soviet system at Bunker-42 Cold War Museum. Ride the museum-like metro and remember the millions who suffered at the Gulag History Museum. Nowadays, retro clubs and cafes give their guests a taste of the Soviet experience. You can even try your hand at Soviet-era arcade games.

Performing Arts

What is more thrilling than watching a ballerina defy gravity, leaping across the stage at the glittering Bolshoi Theatre? Or feeling the force of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture, just a few blocks away from where it premiered more than a century ago? Or oohing and aahing as circus performers soar under the big tent? The classical performing arts in Moscow are still among the best in the world. Nowadays, even the most traditional theatres are experimenting with innovative arrangements, reviving lost favourites and hosting world premieres. Whether you appreciate the classics or prefer the contemporary, the capital's performing arts will impress.

Orthodoxy & Architecture

At nearly every turn in Moscow, you'll see golden domes peeking out over the rooftops and hear church bells peeling through the streets, which are dotted with some 600 churches – many of which are glittering after recent renovations. There are colourful hidden gems, historic fortresses and gargantuan cathedrals. The exteriors are adorned with stone carvings and glittering domes; interiors are packed with ancient icons, swirling incense and faithful worshippers. For more than a millennium, Orthodoxy has helped to define the Russian nation, a significance that is palpable in these atmospheric spiritual places.

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$35.39 Cultural & Theme Tours

Moscow Metro Station Walking Tour Including Mayakovskaya

Meet your expert guide outside the Kremlin and head underground with your Moscow metro ticket to discover the city’s underground treasures. See the most interesting stations with extravagant Soviet-era architecture and hear the history surrounding the metro stations from your expert guide.Widely praised as one of Stalin’s finest architectural achievements, Moscow's subway was created to symbolize his rising regime and a recognized empire. Learn about his successors, who later toned down the ornateness of the subway’s architecture, and see how the different eras are reflected in the character of each station. If you're lucky, you may even find the secret entrance to the unconfirmed Metro-2, a parallel underground system used by the government -- a mystery which has neither been denied nor confirmed today.Visit Revolution Square Station (Ploschad Revolyutsii) and admire the 72 magnificent bronze sculptures that depict the people of the former Soviet Union, set underneath marble arches designed by the legendary Russian architect Alexey Dushkin. Another Dushkin-created station is Novoslobodskaya, and you’ll head here next to admire its dazzling stained-glass panels. Discover Baroque décor, vaulted ceilings and chandeliers at Komsomolskaya Station, and then marvel at the grandiose and pompous design of Kurskaya Station -- one of the first stations to be built. Its design reflects Stalin’s communist ideals and you’ll note its left-wing slogans on the walls, next to mosaics that symbolize the ‘victory’ of his regime over poverty and starvation.Finally, pay a visit to Mayakovskaya, the station that’s named after Russian poet Vladmir Mayakovsky, and see why it’s often considered the most beautiful and iconic Moscow Metro station. Gaze upward at some 30 fascinating mosaics that depict Stalin’s vision for a bright Soviet future, and then admire the features of typical pre-World War II architecture that the station embodies. Your tour ends here.

$30.83 Cultural & Theme Tours

Communist Moscow: Evening Walking Tour

Meet your guide at the Solovetsky Stone, a memorial situated in the center of Lubyanka Square, where you begin your small-group tour of Soviet-era Moscow. Hear about the history behind the monument, a simple boulder erected in 1990 as a memorial to the victims of political repression. The actual stone was taken from Solovki, one of the Gulag’s many forced labor camps used for political repression during the Stalinist era.Your guide will also point out the former headquarters of the KGB, located in an impressive building on Lubyanka Square. Completed in 1898 by Aleksandr Ivanov, the monument currently holds the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB), the main successor to the KGB. From here, walk to Revolution Square, the epicenter of the 1917 Great Socialist Revolution, and learn about many other aspects of historical importance such as Stalin’s terror, secret KGB prisons, the Cold War and the Soviet Movement for Freedom, as well as current Soviet strongholds in the young democratic nation.Be on the lookout for significant landmarks in the city center such as the Bolshoi Theater, the Museum of Revolution and the Gulag Museum, which documents the labor camps where 14 million prisoners were sent between 1929-1953. Stroll down Moscow’s main avenue, Tverskaya Street; pass Sluzhebny Vhod, a Soviet style-café; and see Eliseevsky Gastronum, the most important grocery store of the USSR. Your tour ends at the Pushkinskaya Square.

$35.50 Tours & Sightseeing

Small-Group Moscow City Walking Tour

Meet your guide near the Bolshoi Theater in central Moscow, and then set off with your small group to explore the Russian capital. As you walk, listen to tales of the history, architecture, culture and politics that make Moscow the hotbed of intrigue that it is today.While enjoying the entertaining commentary, discover a collection of Moscow’s finest attractions and historical landmarks. Stroll through Red Square, the beautiful plaza that represents the heart of the city, and hear of Soviet parades and protests that have taken place there over the years. The candy-colored domes of St Basil’s Cathedral stand out as you enter Red Square, so wander over to the extravagant landmark for a close-up view.As much a city icon as the Kremlin, the cathedral was built to wow and its attention-grabbing architecture and design make for unforgettable photos. Pose against St Basil’s colorful façade, and then continue through Red Square to Lenin’s Tomb, the final resting place of Russia’s (arguably) most radical communist leader.Pass the State History Museum, where Stone Age-era Russian artifacts are housed, and see one of the country’s first department stores: GUM. Amble out of Red Square and make your way along Nikolskaya Street, admiring its chic boutiques and stately-looking buildings, and stop for photos outside the famous Bolshoi Theatre, a site synonymous with ballet, theater and scandal.Continue with a walk through Alexandrovsky Garden to see the Kremlin’s walls and towers, and visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where the Changing of the Guard Ceremony takes place. Throw a coin in the garden’s ruined grotto for luck while hearing stories of the Kremlin: the symbol of the Russian state and one of the world’s most fascinating architectural complexes.After two hours exploring the city, work your way back to the start point and bid your guide goodbye as your tour finishes.

$179 Cultural & Theme Tours

Private Moscow City Tour with Red Square and Kremlin

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Red Square (Krasnaya ploshchad), Moscow, Central RussiaThe smell of history is in the air! When you think about Russia there is no way Red Square and Kremlin won't pop up. The stories about Moscow are as limitless as your desire to explore. On this tour you'll explore the heart of Moscow in depth. A morning stroll through Kitay Gorod will be a beautiful start. Let the historical feast begin with the Red Square tour.*This tour can be customized to make it a unique experience for you.Red Square Tour • Resurrection Gate with opportunity to flip a coin to come back • Iconic Manege Square • Disney Inspiring Kazan Cathedral • GUM - the State Department Store with 123-year old history • St. Basil's Cathedral, known for its architect Postnik Yakovlev, who was blinded by Ivan the Terrible in order to prevent him to duplicate this kind of beauty • Lobnoye Mesto (or "Place of the Skulls") where big and sometimes terrible events took placeDuration: 2 hoursPass By: St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow, Central RussiaSt. Basil's Cathedral, known for its architect Postnik Yakovlev, who was blinded by Ivan the Terrible in order to prevent him to duplicate this kind of beautyStop At: Moscow Kremlin (Moskovsky Kreml), Moscow, Central RussiaThe Ivan the Great Bell Tower - the very Heart of Moscow • Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon - the biggest in the world • The Cathedral of the Archangel - the necropolis of the main Russian dynasties - Ruriks and first Romanov • The Cathedral of the Annunciation - the private royal church • The Cathedral of the Assumption - coronation and burial place • The Cathedral of Twelve Apostles and Patriarch Palace • Finish the tour at the Armory, which started as a royal arsenal in 1508 and nowadays consists of 9 halls with a unique collections of the Russian, European and Eastern weapons, jewelry and household articles of the tsars belonging to the period from the 5th to the 20th centuries.Learn a ton of fun facts on this private tour with your friendly local guide: • Red Square is a result of large fire in fifteenth century that destroyed the spot and it was decided not to build it back • The oldest building in Moscow is Assumption Cathedral (built in 1474-1479) • It's a known fact that Lobnoye Mesto is the place for executions, however it was really rare because it was considered sacred and made for royal decrees • The Tsar Cannon was never actually used in any war conflicts • For about 100 years the Tsar Bell was in a pit • The sculptor who created the Minin and Pozharsky monument used his sons as models for it • The Minin and Pozharsky monument was initially located in the very center of Red Square, until in 1931 it was moved closer to St. Basil's Cathedral • Joseph Stalin's body also lay in the Lenin mausoleum from 1953 to 1961 • All of the Moscow Kremlin is included in UNESCO World Heritage List, except for the State Kremlin PalaceAfter the tour your guide will leave you at the Armory where you can take your time and explore the huge museum at your own comfortable pace.Duration: 2 hoursPass By: Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon, Moscow, Central RussiaTsar Bell and Tsar Cannon - the biggest in the worldPass By: Cathedral Square, Moscow, Central RussiaExplore the national heritage of RussiaPass By: The Ensemble of a Belltower of Ivan the Great, Moscow, Central RussiaSee the Ivan the Great Bell Tower - the very Heart of MoscowPass By: Uspensky Cathedral, Moscow, Central RussiaThe Cathedral of the Assumption - coronation and burial placePass By: Cathedral of the Archangel (Arkhangelsky Sobor), Moscow, Central RussiaThe Cathedral of the Archangel - the necropolis of the main Russian dynasties - Ruriks and first RomanovPass By: Cathedral of the Annunciation, Moscow, Central RussiaThe Cathedral of the Annunciation - the private royal churchPass By: Church of the Twelve Apostles and Patriarch's Palace, Moscow, Central RussiaHear the intriguing facts from Russian historyPass By: Lenin's Mausoleum, Moscow, Central RussiaJoseph Stalin's body also lay in the Lenin mausoleum from 1953 to 1961!Pass By: GUM, Moscow, Central RussiaGUM - the State Department Store with 126-year old historyPass By: Minin & Pozharsky Monument, Moscow, Central RussiaHear the fascinating story of the Russian heroesPass By: Kazan Cathedral, Moscow, Central RussiaEnjoy the views of Disney Inspiring Kazan CathedralPass By: Kremlin Walls and Towers, Moscow, Central RussiaTake in the views of astonishing historical Kremlin walls and towersPass By: Resurrection (Voskresenskyie) Gates with Iverskaya Chapel, Moscow, Central RussiaDon't forget to flip a coin for luck!Pass By: Lobnoye Mesto, Moscow, Central RussiaIt's a known fact that Lobnoye Mesto is the place for executions, however it was really rare because it was considered sacred and made for royal decreesPass By: Patriarshy Bridge, Moscow, Central RussiaDon't miss perfect photo ops!Stop At: Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Moscow, Central RussiaEnjoy the scenic views of the Cathedral and the Kremlin from the Patriarch brindeDuration: 1 hour

$87 Kid Friendly

Private Tour: Moscow by Night with Friendly Local Guide

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Red Square (Krasnaya ploshchad), Moscow, Central RussiaYour private guide will meet you in the lobby of your hotel at 7pm and customize your itinerary, if you like. The itinerary may be modified to meet your preferences. Timing is flexible.7.30pm Begin the tour at Red Square to re-enact the times of Ivan the Terrible and picture yourself in Middle Ages. Duration: 30 minutesStop At: Kremlin Walls and Towers, Moscow, Central RussiaGet inspired by the Kremlin walls and the views of the Kremlin fortress from the Big Moskvoretsky Bridge.Duration: 10 minutesStop At: Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge (Greater Stone Bridge), Moscow, Central RussiaAs much as romantic it is, this area is older than Moscow itself! Breathe in the history, ambiance and fresh breeze.Duration: 10 minutesStop At: GUM, Moscow, Central RussiaIf you like people-watching and window shopping, we're heading to fancy GUM. Have a quick espresso stop in GUM, which hasn't changed a bit for the last 126 years. If sweet is your thing, don't miss a signature ice-cream in GUM, produced with a Soviet design and flavor.Duration: 15 minutesStop At: Tverskaya Street (Ulitsa), Moscow, Central Russia8.00pm Enjoy a fun walk through the historical city center with your friendly local guide. It is an amazing street stroll consisting of Tverskaya Street and cute lanes.Duration: 20 minutesStop At: Kamergerskiy Lane, Moscow, Central RussiaDiscover historical paths that have a rich choice of cafes and bars: Kamergersky lane, Kuznetsk Bridge, Petrovka Street, Stoleshnikov lane. Duration: 30 minutesPass By: Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, Central RussiaSee the Bolshoi theater, the oldest hotels of Moscow - National and MetropolStop At: Kitai-Gorod Wall, Moscow, Central RussiaEnjoy the ancient Kitay Gorod wall, the Tretyakov passage.Duration: 10 minutesStop At: Romanovskiy Obelisk in the Alexander Garden, Moscow, Central RussiaCheck out the Romanov Obelisk, Kremlin walls and tower, Manege and Lenin's Library, one of the largest libraries in the world.Duration: 15 minutesStop At: Patriarshy Bridge, Moscow, Central RussiaAfterwards, take the beautiful city bridge that leads to Muzeon and Park for stunning views of Christ the Savior Cathedral, the Moskva River and Kremlin from Patriarch bridge.Duration: 10 minutesStop At: Aleksandrovskiy Sad, Moscow, Central Russia8.30pm Check out the sights around the Kremlin to catch up on history, watch people or simply get those special night shots in the very heart of Moscow and Russia. See Alexander Garden, the Eternal Flame, the Grotto.Duration: 20 minutesStop At: Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Moscow, Central Russia9.00pm Then off to see the largest Orthodox cathedral in the world - Christ the Savior Cathedral. See what the fuss is about and learn interesting facts like what the cathedral has gone through since it was built in 1883, and how much of gold the dome of the cathedral contains. You'll be surprised. Duration: 20 minutesStop At: Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory), Moscow, Central Russia9.30pm Next, visit the city view deck on Sparrow Hills in front of Moscow State University. From Sparrow Hills, you are able to view Stalin skyscrapers, also known as Seven Sisters. Built in 1950s, the Stalin skyscrapers are unique landmarks and historic reminders of the Soviet times. Listen to fun facts and stories about Soviet times and find out who actually built Moscow State University. Shocking!Duration: 20 minutesPass By: Lomonosov Moscow State University (MGU), Moscow, Central RussiaEnjoy the scenic views from one of the best observation platforms in MoscowPass By: Old Arbat (Stary Arbat), Moscow, Central RussiaIf you opt to visit Arbat instead, you won't regret. Fun and entertainment mecca, with bohemian cafes, hipster parties, myriad of souvenir shops and artsy galleries.10.00pm Complete the tour with an icy beverage in a nightlife hotspot like Etazh or Dandy Cafe. Or if you like, get back to the hotel to savor the memories.

$30.83 Tours & Sightseeing

Alternative Moscow: 2-Hour Walking Tour

Meet your friendly local guide at the monument to Alexander Griboyedov in Chistye Prudy, a quiet residential neighborhood of pre-revolution buildings and lovely courtyards. After learning about the former author and ambassador who was memorialized in the square, walk with your small group down side streets as you listen to tales of the city at night.Ride the legendary ‘Annushka’ tram through the busy, lighted streets of central Moscow; the original A route opened in the early 20th century and this section was restored in 1997. Head to Kitay Gorod to walk around the avenues full of traditional Russian and Soviet-era architecture, and notice the nightlife of Moscow’s best contemporary clubs.In Khitrovka, your guide will inform your group about Moscow’s criminal activity of the 19th century, when thousands of ruffians took to the streets. Hear spooky stories about Moscow’s infamous as you visit mysterious landmarks such as Archangel Tower and the house of Bruce the Sorcerer, a naturalist and astronomer who became known as an alchemist and magician.At Kilometer Zero, where a bronze plaque marks Moscow’s center from which all city distances are measured, toss a lucky coin as you listen to more urban legends and see Russian freemasons’ houses, secret places of worship and ‘Devil’s Place’ on Kulichki – site of the former pagan temple. End your tour at Cheburechnaya Café, one of the few surviving Soviet pubs, named for the cheburek – a fried turnover traditionally stuffed with meat. Take in the communist-era atmosphere as you drink a tumbler of Russian beer or sample something to eat (own expense).