Street Art Museum

Top choice in St Petersburg

It's well worth the effort making the trip out to see this magnificent collection of street art set inside a former 11-hectare industrial site. You'll find a wide variety of formats, from huge murals covering walls to mixed-media installations set inside a former boilerhouse. Every year, the exhibition changes, with top artists from around the globe invited to contribute on themes like Revolution (featured in 2017 on the 100-year anniversary of Russia's October Revolution), Migrants and Peace.

Intriguingly, parts of this industrial complex are still active, with workers at the laminated plastics factory SLOPAST surrounded by the encroaching artwork. Some of the workshops are decorated with epic works by the likes of top Russian street artists Timothy Radya, Kirill Kto and Nikita Nomerz, as well as the Spanish artist Escif. Before he died in 2013, Pasha 183 – frequently referred to as Russia's Banksy because of his anonymity – also contributed 'Walls Don't Sleep', a beautiful monochrome mural based on an image of Soviet factory workers.

Guided tours take place on weekends (at 1pm and 2pm); call ahead to ensure an English-speaking guide is on hand. The museum also hosts outdoor concerts and other big events. Check the website for the latest.

It's located in the industrial zone of Okhta, a 20-minute bus ride east of Ploshchad Lenina. Buses 28, 37 and 137 all go there.

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