Must-see attractions in Arbat & Khamovniki

  • Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    This is Moscow’s premier foreign-art museum, split over three branches and showing off a broad selection of European works, including masterpieces from…

  • 19th & 20th Century Art Gallery

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    This branch of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts contains a famed assemblage of French Impressionist works, based on the collections of two well-known…

  • Russian orthodox churches in Novodevichy Convent monastery.

    Novodevichy Convent

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    The Novodevichy Convent was founded in 1524 to celebrate the taking of Smolensk from Lithuania, an important step in Moscow’s conquest of the old Kyivan…

  • Statue of Tsar Alexander II at Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

    Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    This opulent and grandiose cathedral was completed in 1997 – just in time to celebrate Moscow's 850th birthday. The cathedral’s sheer size and splendour…

  • Park Pobedy (Victory park) at Poklonnaya hill in Moscow, Russia.

    Park Pobedy

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    The Great Patriotic War – as WWII is known in Russia – was a momentous event that is still vivid in the hearts, minds and memories of many Russian…

  • Moscow State University building

    Moscow State University (MGU)

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    Head to the hills south of the city for one of the best views of Moscow. From the square in front of Moscow State University, most of the city spreads out…

  • Grave of actor Yuri Vladimirovich Nikulin in Novodevichy Cemetery.

    Novodevichy Cemetery

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    Adjacent to the Novodevichy Convent, the Novodevichy Cemetery is one of Moscow’s most prestigious resting places – a veritable who’s who of Russian…

  • Melnikov House

    Melnikov House

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    The only private house built during the Soviet period, the home of Konstantin Melnikov stands as testament to the innovation of the Russian avant-garde…

  • Pushkin House-Museum

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    After Alexander Pushkin married Natalia Goncharova at the nearby Church of the Grand Ascension, they moved to this charming blue house on the old Arbat…

  • Church of the Intercession at Fili (circa 1694) in Moscow, Russia. Naryshkin baroque church commissioned by the boyar Lev Naryshkin in his suburban estate Fili; Shutterstock ID 215970202; Your name (First / Last): Josh Vogel; Project no. or GL code: 56530; Network activity no. or Cost Centre: Online-Design; Product or Project: 65050/7529/Josh Vogel/ Destination Galleries

    Church of the Intercession at Fili

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    West of the center, Fili is a residential neighbourhood that was once the estate of Lev Naryshkin (brother-in-law to Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich and uncle to…

  • Vorobyovy Gory Nature Preserve

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    Vorobyovy Gory, or Sparrow Hills, is the green hilly area south of the Moscow River, opposite the tip of the Khamovniki peninsula. This wooded hillside is…

  • Foreign Affairs Ministry

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    One of the Stalinist skyscrapers known as the 'Seven Sisters', the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building is a 27-storey landmark that was completed in 1953.

  • Museum of the Great Patriotic War

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    The Museum of the Great Patriotic War is the centrepiece of Park Pobedy (Victory Park). The massive museum has hundreds of exhibits, including dioramas of…

  • Museum of Private Collections

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    Next door to the main building of the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum, this smaller museum shows off art collections donated by private individuals, many of whom…

  • Moscow Museum

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    The permanent history exhibit here demonstrates how the city has spread from its starting point at the Kremlin. It is heavy on artefacts from the 13th and…

  • Exposition of Military Equipment

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    Tucked into a corner of the vast Park Pobedy, this exhibition displays weapons and military equipment from the WWII era. There are plenty of Red Army…

  • Tolstoy Estate-Museum

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    Leo Tolstoy’s winter home during the 1880s and 1890s now houses an interesting museum dedicated to the writer’s home life. While it’s not particularly…

  • Church of St Nicholas in Khamovniki

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    This church, commissioned by the weavers’ guild in 1676, is among the most colourful in Moscow. The ornate green-and-orange-tapestry exterior houses an…

  • Burganov House

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    Part studio, part museum, the Burganov House is a unique venue in Moscow, where the craft goes on around you, as you peruse the sculptures and other…

  • Multimedia Art Museum

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    This slick, modern gallery is home to an impressive photographic library and archives of contemporary and historic photography. The facility usually hosts…

  • Tochka-G Museum of Erotic Art

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    The name means G spot, in case you didn’t already guess. Among this gigantic display of erotica, you’re bound to find something that will titillate yours…

  • Bust of Tolstoy in Tolstoy Literary Museum.

    Tolstoy Literary Museum

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    The Tolstoy Literary Museum is supposedly the oldest literary memorial museum in the world (founded in 1911). In addition to its impressive reference…

  • Exterior of Glazunov Gallery.

    Glazunov Gallery

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    This elaborate Russian Empire–style mansion, opposite the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, houses a gallery dedicated to the work of Soviet and post-Soviet…

  • Interior of Tsereteli Gallery.

    Tsereteli Gallery

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    Housed in the 18th-century Dolgoruky mansion is this endeavour of the tireless Moscow architect and artist Zurab Tsereteli. The gallery shows how prolific…

  • Borodino Panorama

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    Following the vicious but inconclusive battle at Borodino in August 1812, Moscow’s defenders retreated along what is now Kutuzovsky pr, pursued by…

  • Pushkin Literary Museum

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    Housed in a beautiful Empire-style mansion dating from 1816, this museum is devoted to the life and work of Russia’s favourite poet. Personal effects,…

  • Shilov Gallery

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    ‘What is a portrait? You have to attain not only an absolute physical likeness…but you need to express the inner world of the particular person you are…

  • Memorial Synagogue at Poklonnaya Hill

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    The Memorial Synagogue at Poklonnaya Hill opened in 1998 as a memorial to Holocaust victims, as well as a museum of the Russian Jewry. Admission is with a…

  • Russian Academy of Arts

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    The Russian Academy of Arts hosts rotating exhibits in the historic 19th-century mansion of the Morozov estate. Despite the institutional-sounding name,…

  • Triumphal Arch

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    Just east of Park Pobedy, the Triumphal Arch celebrates the defeat of Napoleon in 1812. The original arch was demolished at its site in front of the…

  • Bulat Okudzhava Statue

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    Bulat Okudzhava was a poet-turned-songwriter who lived and often performed on the Arbat in the 1960s. He inspired a whole movement of liberal-thinking…

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