Sinaia, Romania - 3 July 2021: Old historical building of Pelisor Castle (Pelisor Castle) in Bucegi Mountains (Bucegi Mountains) in Prahova Valley (Prahova Valley) in a sunny summer day

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Prahova Valley

Wallachia funnels into Transylvania in this narrow valley at the foot of the fir-clad Bucegi Mountains. Sinaia, a king’s summer retreat a century ago, is the finest town, but the real draw is up, way up, with hiking and biking trails along the flat plateau atop the mountains, and ski trails that carve down the mountainsides. If you’re looking for just a taste, it’s possible to do a day trip from Braşov, and take a cable-car ride up for a short hike. But it’s easier if you stay a night or two.


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