El Yunque National Forest

Nature Reserve in El Yunque

The only rainforest in the US National Forest System, El Yunque is a highlight of any visit to Puerto Rico. Visitors enjoy access to the lush, verdant forest along 37km of paths, often passing waterfalls and rivers along the way. El Portal Visitors Center, near Luquillo, is a good place to get your bearings before setting out to explore. The park has two entrances, both off of Hwy 191 – one on the northern side of the island (near Luquillo), the other towards the southern side (near Naguabo).

The northern side is much more visited and has lots of well-marked trails and parking areas; the southern side is wilder and less developed, making for beautiful off-the-beaten-track experiences. Note: Hwy 191 does not cut through the park – mudslides closed the middle section of the road years ago. Unless on foot, visitors must take Hwy 3 (which becomes Hwy 53) to access both sides of El Yunque.