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El Yunque & East Coast

The east coast is Puerto Rico shrink-wrapped; a tantalizing taste of almost everything the island has to offer squeezed into an area you can drive across in a couple of hours. Sodden rainforest teems with noisy wildlife and jungle waterfalls at El Yunque National Forest, the Commonwealth’s tropical gem. Down at sea level, beach lovers bask on the icing-sugar sand of Playa Luquillo.

Unvarnished Fajardo is the island’s uncrowned water-sports capital, where adventurers kayak, dive, snorkel and fish, and yachters park their sailboats. Golfers and those craving a one-stop holiday will find delight in the highest concentration of large, upscale resorts outside San Juan.

Cutting through the region like a thin, green ribbon is the Northeast Ecological Corridor, a slender tract of undeveloped and endangered pristine land featuring one of Puerto Rico’s stunning bioluminescent bays at Las Cabezas de San Juan Reserva Natural.

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