Must-see attractions in The Far North

  • Alta Museum.

    Alta Museum

    Western Finnmark

    This superb museum is in Hjemmeluft, at the western end of town. It features exhibits and displays on Sami culture, Finnmark military history, the Alta…

  • The main entrance side of the Northern Lights Cathedral.

    Northern Lights Cathedral

    Western Finnmark

    Opened in 2013, the daringly designed Northern Lights Cathedral, next to the Scandic Hotel Alta, is one of the architectural icons of the north, with its…

  • Juhls Silver Gallery, a museum for scandinavian arts and traditional silver jewelry.

    Juhls' Sølvsmie

    The Far North

    This wonderful building, all slopes and soft angles, was designed and built by owners Regine and Frank Juhls, who first began working with the Sami over…

  • Steilneset Memorial in Vardo, Norway, commemorating the trial and execution of people for witchcraft.

    Steilneset Memorial

    The Far North

    This stunning monument, a collaboration between French artist Louis Bourgeois and Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, is dedicated to the 91 people executed…

  • Nesseby church

    Nesseby Church

    The Far North

    Along one of the prettiest stretches of the E75 (a designated National Scenic Route; see, the lovely white church of Nesseby…

  • Arctic Cathedral


    The 11 triangles of the Arctic Cathedral (1965) suggest glacial crevasses and auroral curtains. The glowing stained-glass window that occupies the east…

  • Fjellheisen


    For a fine view of the city and the midnight sun, take the cable car to the top of Mt Storsteinen (421m). There's a terrace and (pricey) restaurant at the…

  • Royal & Ancient Polar Bear Society

    Western Finnmark

    Dedicated to preserving Hammerfest culture, the Royal & Ancient Polar Bear Society (founded in 1963) features exhibits on Arctic hunting and local history…

  • Hammerfest Kirke

    Western Finnmark

    The design of Hammerfest's contemporary church, consecrated in 1961, was inspired by the racks used for drying fish in the salty sea air all across…

  • Canyon in Reisa National Park, Norway.

    Reisa National Park

    The Far North

    Although technically in Troms county, Reisa National Park (803 sq km) is equally accessible by road from Kautokeino. For hikers, the 50km route through…

  • Stabbursdalen National Park is home to the northernmost pine forest in the world.

    Stabbursdalen National Park

    Western Finnmark

    No roads cross through the 747 sq km of Stabbursdalen National Park, which offers a spectacular glacial canyon and excellent hiking in the world's most…

  • River during autumn at Ovre Dividal National Park, Norway.

    Øvre Dividal National Park

    The Far North

    Hard up against the Swedish and Finnish borders, Øvre Dividal National Park is a remote, 750-sq-km wilderness area rich in woodland, high-country views…

  • Stabbursnes Naturhus og Museum

    Western Finnmark

    The Stabbursnes Naturhus og Museum serves both the Stabbursdalen National Park and Stabbursnes Nature Reserve. It sells field guides, maps and fishing…

  • Sápmi Park

    The Far North

    Sami culture is big business here, and this impressive theme park includes a wistful, hi-tech multimedia introduction to the Sami in the 'Magic Theatre',…

  • Stabbursnes Nature Reserve

    Western Finnmark

    The Stabbursnes Nature Reserve extends over the wetlands and mudflats at the estuary of the Stabburselva. Birdwatchers come to observe the many species of…

  • Luftskipsmasta

    The Far North

    This oil-rig-shaped airship mast on Vadsø island was built in the mid-1920s as an anchor and launch site for airborne expeditions to the polar regions…

  • Tromsø University Museum


    Near the southern end of Tromsøya, this museum has well-presented and documented displays on traditional and modern Sami life, ecclesiastical art and…

  • Polaria


    This Arctic-themed attraction provides a multimedia introduction to northern Norway and Svalbard. Kick things off by watching the two panoramic films:…

  • Polar Park

    The Far North

    This large, open-air zoo is 23km south of Setermoen and 3.3km east of the E6. It features wildlife of the boreal taiga (marshy forest) in spacious…

  • Nordkapp Visitor Centre


    Presiding over a scene of considerable natural beauty is this visitor centre, a vast bunker of a place, topped by a giant, intrusive golf ball. Within you…

  • Polar Museum


    Fittingly for a town that was the launch pad for many pioneering expeditions to the North Pole, Tromsø's Polar Museum is an old-fashioned romp through…

  • Kautokeino Museum

    The Far North

    Outside, this little museum has a fully fledged traditional Sami settlement, complete with an early home, temporary dwellings, and outbuildings such as…

  • Ceavccageadge

    The Far North

    At Mortensnes, on the E75, about 15km east of Varangerbotn, you can stroll towards the shore amid traces of early Sami culture. At the western end, past…

  • Varangerhalvøya National Park

    The Far North

    Protecting most of the interior of the Varanger Peninsula, this wild and windswept national park was shaped before the last Ice Age and is one of Norway's…

  • Sami National Museum

    The Far North

    Exhibits at the Sami National Museum, also called the Sami Collection, include displays of colourful, traditional Sami clothing, tools and artefacts, and…

  • Sami Parliament

    The Far North

    The Sami Parliament was established in 1989 and meets four times annually. In 2000 it moved into a glorious new building, encased in mellow Siberian wood,…

  • Vardøhus Festning

    The Far North

    The star-shaped Vardøhus Fortress – yes, of course, it's the world's most northerly – was constructed in 1737 by King Christian VI. For a fortress, it's…

  • Gjenreisningsmuseet

    Western Finnmark

    Hammerfest's Reconstruction Museum is a great little museum, with particularly thoughtful and sensitive panels and captions (each section has a synopsis…

  • Sør-Varanger Museum

    The Far North

    It's worth a stop at the Strand branch of the Sør-Varanger Museum, which preserves Norway's oldest public boarding school and illustrates the region's…

  • Andersgrotta

    The Far North

    Drop down the steep stairs of Andersgrotta into this cave that once served as an air-raid shelter and bunker as wave upon wave of Russian bombers sought…

  • Salen Hill

    Western Finnmark

    For panoramic views over the town, coast and mountains (there's a free pair of binoculars for you to sweep the bay), climb Salen Hill (86m), topped by the…

  • Varanger Sami Museum

    The Far North

    In Varangerbotn, close to where the E6 meets the E75 17km east of Tana Bru, this is a fun, informative and hi-tech display about Sami life and culture,…

  • Galleri Segla


    Dedicated to the works of respected Tromsø artist and sculptor Knut Fjørtoft, this fine little gallery showcases his works combining printing with…

  • Gabba Reindeer & Husky Park

    The Far North

    This may not be so much of a treat for the children if you've been driving in Eastern Finnmark and have stopped to relate to communing roadside reindeer…

  • Sautso-Alta Canyon

    Western Finnmark

    The Altaelva hydroelectric project has had very little effect on the most scenic stretch of river, which slides through 400m-deep Sautso, northern Europe…

  • Tromsø Kunstforening


    The Tromsø branch of this national contemporary art foundation makes the most of its late-19th-century premises and promotes rotating exhibitions of…

  • Gallery East of the Sun

    Western Finnmark

    Call by the Gallery East of the Sun, which features the sinuous shapes, bright canvases and intriguing collages of German artist Eva Schmutterer.

  • Perspektivet


    Dating from 1838, Perspektivet houses a permanent photo exhibition illustrating Tromsø's history and mounts quality temporary displays too.

  • Blåst


    Pass by the world's most northerly glass-blowing workshop to see the young team puffing their cheeks and perhaps to pick up an item or two.

  • Vadsø Church

    The Far North

    As so often in small Finnmark communities like Vadsø, the church is the most architecturally interesting structure. After the devastation wrought by…