Lofotr Viking Museum

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In 1981 at Borg, in the heart of Vestvågøy, a farmer's plough hit the ruins of the 83m-long dwelling of a powerful Viking chieftain, the largest building of its era ever discovered in Scandinavia. The resulting museum, 14km north of Leknes, offers a glimpse of life during Viking times. You can walk 1.5km of trails over open hilltops from the replica chieftain's longhouse (the main building, shaped like an upside-down boat) to the historically accurate Viking ship on the water.

Authentically dressed guides conduct multilingual tours and, inside the chieftain's hall, artisans explain their trades. It's all great edutainment, for kids as well as adults.

The museum also hosts a Viking Festival in early August, and in summer at 6.30pm until 9pm (including time to visit the museum) you can join a Viking feast (adult/child 925/625kr) where you'll be served Lofoten lamb and honey wine, and be entertained by Vikings – advance reservations are essential and can be made through the museum or the tourist office in Svolvær.

The Svolvær–Leknes bus passes the museum's entrance.

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