Magic Ice

Top choice in Svolvær

Housed appropriately in what was once a fish-freezing plant, this is the ultimate place to chill out (perhaps with something to warm the spirit). The 500-sq-metre space is filled with huge ice sculptures, illustrating Lofoten life. If you can't return to northern Norway in winter, this is a great, if brief, approximation. Admission includes warm clothing and a drink in an ice glass.

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Nearby Svolvær attractions

1. Lofoten Krigsminnemuseum

0.05 MILES

Housed in the town's old post office, Lofoten's little war-memorial museum recounts the islands' role in the drama of WWII, when the islands were occupied…

2. Galleri Dagfinn Bakke

0.08 MILES

One of Svolvær's more interesting little private galleries, this place showcases works by local artist Dagfinn Bakke, in which the distinctive light and…

3. Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter


On the main square and beside the tourist office, the North Norwegian Artist's Centre hosts changing exhibitions of paintings, sculpture, ceramics and…

4. Foto Galleri

0.17 MILES

Stunning photos of the Lofoten Islands in all their brooding glory, most of them for sale, are the work of photographer Anders Finsland. It's worth…

5. Galleri Stig Tobiassen

0.18 MILES

This place is another of Svolvær's fine little galleries that show and sell paintings in which the Lofotons are the focus.

6. Lofoten Temagalleri


The Lofoten Theme Gallery is very much the creation of one man, Geir Nøtnes, a keen photographer from a fishing background. It's devoted mainly to cod…

7. Vågan Kirke

2.35 MILES

Built in 1898 and Norway's second-largest wooden church, Vågan rises above the E10 just north of Kabelvåg. Built to minister to the influx of seasonal…

8. Lofoten Glass

2.67 MILES

Given the view, it's little wonder owner Cathinka Mæhlum was inspired to set up a workshop and gallery beside Kabelvåg's pretty harbour. Drop in to admire…