Kinn Island, Norway.

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Kinn Island

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If you're on limited time, a visit to this little island is a great way of getting a flavour of the coastline around Florø. After a quick boat ride from the quay, you're met by a guide on the island who takes you on a 40-minute, 1km walk up to see the island's famous stone church, telling tales of the island and Florø's fishing heritage on the way. The stout stone church, dating from the 12th century, is stunning.

Afterwards, you can hike up to the top of the island's hill, Kinnaklova, for panoramic views before catching the boat back home.

Bookings for the boat trip, along with several other offshore islands, can be made through the tourist office in Florø.

On the second or third weekend in June, it's the site of the Kinnespelet pageant, which celebrates the history of the church on the island.

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