Must-see attractions in Norway

  • Vår Frelsers Church

    Bergen & the Southwestern Fjords

    With its arrow straight spire and redbrick exterior, this church in the centre of Haugesund is a local landmark.

  • Høyde 96

    The Far North

    The Cold War lookout tower Høyde 96 offers a view eastward to the bleak Russian mining town of Nikel.

  • Ulvik Frukt & Cidreri

    Bergen & the Southwestern Fjords

    Sample homemade apple juices and ciders, plus fresh apples and cherries, at this welcoming fruit farm.

  • Grieg's Hut

    Bergen & the Southwestern Fjords

    The one-time retreat of Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg is in the garden of Hotel Ullensvang.

  • Roald Amundsen Statue


    This statue to Norway's most famous polar explorer sits just uphill from the tourist office.

  • Isegran Ruins

    Southern Norway

    The ruins of a stone (originally wood) tower remain visible at the eastern end of Isegran.

  • Tuomainengården

    The Far North

    This historic Finnish farmhouse, built in 1840, had its own bakery, sauna and blacksmith.

  • Olympic Flame Tower

    Central Norway

    The tower for the Olympic flame stands near the foot of the Lygårdsbakkene Ski Jump.

  • Old Convict Prison

    Southern Norway

    Among the finest old buildings in town, the old convict prison was built in 1731.

  • Balaklava

    Southern Norway

    Among the finest old buildings in town, dating from 1783.

  • Bentsens Hus


    Well-preserved building in Posebyen.

  • Bergen Cathedral, Hordaland, Norway.

    Bergen Cathedral


    Bergen's cathedral features stonemasonry in the entrance hall carved by the same artisans who adorned Westminster Abbey's chapter house in London.

  • Statue of Adolf Henrik Lindstrøm

    Western Finnmark

    Adolf Henrik Lindstrøm was a Hammerfest-born cook who accompanied Roald Amundsen and Fridtjof Nansen (among others) and ended up travelling on more polar…

  • Marilyn Monroe Memorial

    Bergen & the Southwestern Fjords

    Bizarrely, Haugesund claims to be the ancestral home of Marilyn Monroe, whose father, a local baker, emigrated from here to the USA. This monument on the…

  • Evje Og Hornnes Museum

    Southern Norway

    Budding geologists will find plenty to get excited about in Evje. This small museum, 2km west of town and across the river in Fennefoss, displays more…

  • Leif Ericson Statue


    If you're from the USA, the Viking staring out to sea near the Hurtigruten quay may seem familiar. That's because he's an exact replica of the Ericson…

  • St Michaels Catholic Church

    Western Finnmark

    With a strong claim to being the world's most northerly Catholic church, St Michaels, serving a congregation of barely 90 souls, is immediately…

  • Bear Sculptures

    The Far North

    Outside the Russian consulate, there are two engaging little sculptures of a bear mounting – in every sense of the word, it would appear – a lamp-post.

  • Tinn Museum

    Southern Norway

    This peaceful, open-air folk museum, at the eastern end of town, traces rural Norwegian architecture from the 11th century to the early 1900s.

  • Modern Art Gallery


    This small private gallery exhibits the work of modern Norwegian painters; most of what you see is for sale.

  • Natural History Collection


    This small museum is closed for renovations until 2019, which should add new galleries and updated displays.

  • Russian Monument

    The Far North

    Located up a short hill, this statue is dedicated to the Red Army troops who liberated the town in 1944.

  • Tromsø Catholic Church


    The Tromsø Catholic Church was built in 1861 and is the world's northernmost Catholic bishopric.

  • Rollon Statue


    Rollo the Viking founded Normandy in 911; William the Conqueror is his descendant.

  • War Mothers Monument

    The Far North

    In the town square, this statue commemorates women's efforts during the war.

  • Gate

    Southern Norway

    There are a series of gates within the walls surrounding the old town.

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