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Norway Bergen Fjords: 2-Day Private Tour with Custom Itinerary

Day 1This tour starts directly from your own hotel in Bergen and your guide will pick you up here and bring you down to the harbour. Here you will board the Costal Express boat that brings you via the amazing Alverstraumen where the tidal currents flows like a river. Further on you will see what the coast is all about as you navigate through the landscape. Small farms, cottages, cabins and seahouses are drenched like small stars in the nature. The coastal express is the "real thing" - not something invented for tourists alone. And you will meet locals that are most proud to tell you about their local communities. Just ask.In the small town of Lavik your guide are awaiting you on the quay, and the next part of the journey follows the Sognefjord as it cuts it's deep way through the spectacular mountains on each side. Here is where the Guides local knowledge comes to a superb use, as he now will bring you deep inside the mountains towards areas that are little known to the common tourist. Ascending higher and higher towards the Gaularfjellet magic viewpoint. where modern Norwegian architecture meets the rough nature that shaped it.Gaularfjellet Viewpoint is a part of Norways 18 Tourist Roads and in 2017 the new 300 square metre view platform was opened to the audience. Here you enjoy a lunch break under open skies.Day 2You will again have a early morning departure to make the most out of your day. And first part of this day is crossing the fjord by ferry. You make your way via Sogndal and Kaupanger - and are again crossing a part of the Fjord in Lærdal. Here you drive through yet another magnificent piece of Norwegian engineering. One of the longest road tunnels in the world. The Lærdal tunnel is 25 kilometers long and have tree enormous caves inside that are illuminated like you would expect Valhalla to be. Inspired by folklore tales of Trolls and Giants.As you come out in broad daylight again you arrive in Aurland, home to the "King of the Fjords" - The UNESCO World Heritage Site: Nærøyfjorden. And here you are able to make some choises of your own.1. Take a fjordcruise on the Næøyfjord surrounded by its mountains raging up to 1800 metres above the fjord.2. Take the Flåmsbana Railway from Flåm to Myrdal, and continue towards Oslo3. Take the Flåmsbana Railway from Flåm to Myrdal, and continue to Voss where your guide are picking you up4 Take both the Fjordcruise and Railway - and decide to either return to Bergen or go on to OsloPlease notice that train and cruise tickets are NOT included in the cost of this trip. This is to be able to tailor make it for the your specific need, and to purchase only the actual tickets you will use. Expressboat and Ferry tickets are incl.UNLESS OTHERWISE MENTIONED WHEN BOOKED - THIS TOUR WILL RETURN TO BERGEN WHERE IT ENDS.

$214.52 Private & Custom Tours

Gudvangen, Stegastein, and Flåmsbana Private Tour from Bergen

Departure 1 - 0715 from Bergen City CentreAfter your pick-up at your Bergen hotel, your dedicated guide will take you out on the the road. You head out towards the village of Dale where the internationally known knitwear from Dale of Norway is produced. Along the way you see mountains "growing out of the Fjords" and small farms scattered in the landscape you pass through. In the picturesque city of Voss you will board the train towards Myrdal, where you change trains at the staggering elevation of 867 meters a.s.l.Here you board the famous Flåmsbana Railway. A railway that took 21 years to complete, much due to the fact that 18 of the 20 tunnels was hand driven (built by hand). And due to the great difference in elevation between the top of the mountain and the fjord, -the only way it could be built was with horseshoe bends to rapidly lower altitude at a pace where the brakes can withstand the weight of the train. Ever since it's opening in 1941 it has been one of Norway's main attractions. Today it transports more than one million passengers who seeks it from all over the world.Well down in Flåm you will be able to enjoy tourist attractions and not to mention enjoying hand brewed beers from the local brewery. Handcrafted and well tasting together with a lunch at one of the restaurants you find in this swarming village in the deepest end of the Aurlandsfjord. You have about two hours of freetime before your guide will meet you again.At approx 13.10 you depart in your guides vehicle to Stegastein Viewpoint. A view platform that springs 30 metres out from the mountainside above Aurland and where you have a clear view of the amazing UNESCO World Heritage area.Further on you set course for Gudvangen and the Nærøyfjords deepest end. From here you make your way up the Nærøy valley to the top of Stalheim, where you drive down Europe's steepest car road. 14 hairpin turns make it possible to descend down in the valley. Som places it descends with as much as one meter every 5 meter of road. It is truly a thrill - and be warned: Your guide will make it even a bit more of a thrill for you ;-)At the Tvindefossen waterfall you are able to walk all the way into the waterfall itself. And take a close look at another of Norway's spectacular nature phenomenons. Thousands of gallons of water cascading down above you. And so clean that you can just take a sip of it or fill your water bottles for free.Back at Voss you will again get back on the train that will take you directly to Bergen Train station where you are back in the city for a refresh at your hotel, before it is time for dinner at the restaurant of your choices at about 20.00 (8 pm.)NOTE: Departure 2 @ 10.30 uses the route in reverse order. Please read important section before booking. Tickets for trains is own expense and not included in Viator price.

$1415.33 Kid Friendly

PRIVATE GUIDED TOUR: World Heritage Fjord Landscape tour from Flåm, 4 hours

09:00-09:30 Starting out from port in Flåm, where you private driver-guide meets you and takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the busy cruise ship destination. First, going by car via Gudvangen to the Stalheim hotel. 09:30-10:00 Arriving at the Stalheim hotel, and visiting the terrace for a stunning view of the Nærøydalen valley (the UNESCO World Heritage list) and descending to the valley on the unique Stalheimskleiva road – hairpin turns and mesmerising views of two waterfalls on both side of the road. 10:00-10:30 At the bottom of the road you are accompanied by your guide on a short walking tour to one of the waterfalls – the Stalheimsfossen. 10:30-11:00 After breathing in the freshness of the waterfall, your next stop is in the ancient Viking village of Gudvangen, where the spectacular Nærøyfjord begins (also in the UNESCO World Heritage list). You can choose to extend your stop in Gudvangen by visiting the Viking town of Njardarheimr, where you can meet the real modern day Vikings and learn about their history and culture. The visit is optional and the entrance fee is not included in the price (adults: 21 EUR / 25 USD, children: 10.5 EUR / 12.5 USD). 11:00-11:30 From Gudvangen your guide drives your to the Stegastein viewpoint at 2130 feet (650 m) above sea level, from where you can marvel at the view of the Aurlandsfjord. 11:30-12:00 A short stop at the Stegastein viewpoint to enjoy the view and take some pictures. 12:00-12:15 Driving down from Stegastein to Aurland – local administrative center. 12:15-13:15 Visit to the Aurland Glass workshop: an excursion to a local glassblower’s work place and a chance to blow your own glass ball. This visit is optional and the entrance fee is not included in the price. The workshop is open Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm.  13:15-13:30 Driving back to Flåm, where the tour ends. Duration of the whole tour: approximately 4,5 hours. You may choose to either visit the Viking town or the Aurland Glass workshop, or none of the two – and have more time to soak up the wonderful nature of the western fjords. Season: 18.05. – 30.09. Car on this tour is one of our Mercedes minivans. When only 1-3 people are going on this tour, we may use our Tesla Model X. All of our cars have Passenger Transport Licence.