National Botanical Gardens

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The verdant botanical gardens are a quiet and peaceful spot for a walk or picnic, except on Friday and Saturday when the place is overrun with school kids. The visitor centre has exhibits on Nepal’s flora, and in the middle is the decorative Coronation Pond with its 7m commemorative pillar.

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1. Godavari Kunda


If you go straight ahead at the junction before the National Botanical Gardens, you’ll reach a cluster of local restaurants, the Godavari Kunda – a sacred…

2. Godavari Kunda Community Forest

0.21 MILES

Across the road from Godavari Kunda is a tiny scenic lake that leads to the entrance of a 30-hectare woodland, which is managed by local people and…

3. Naudhara Kunda

0.64 MILES

This temple is dedicated to one of the Tantric mother goddesses, and the two large pools before the temple compound are fed by nine spouts (known as the…

4. Naudhara Community Forest

0.87 MILES

The Naudhara Community Forest is 147 hectares of locally managed woodland, established with support from Bird Conservation Nepal (…

5. Shanti Ban Buddha

1.32 MILES

On the hillside above Godavari is an enormous golden Buddha image, created by Buddhists who were inspired by the Japanese Peace Pagoda movement.

6. Bishankhu Narayan

1.54 MILES

If you’re looking for an excuse to get off the beaten track, the shrine of Bishankhu Narayan may do nicely. Dedicated to Vishnu, this chain-mail-covered…

7. Vajra Varahi Temple

3.37 MILES

Set in a shady though litter-strewn woodland, this important Tantric temple was built in 1665 and it attracts lots of wedding parties, pilgrims and…

8. Harisiddhi Bhagwan Temple

3.79 MILES

About 7km northwest of Godavari, on the main road, Harisiddhi is notable for the towering, four-tiered Harisiddhi Bhagwan Temple on its brick-paved market…