National Film Archive of Japan


Here you'll find an archive of Japanese and foreign films, as well as books, periodicals, posters and other materials. There are daily screenings of classic films at bargain prices but few have English subtitles. There are English captions, however, in the worthwhile 7th-floor gallery, which charts the history and evolution of Japanese cinema and also hosts special movie-themed exhibitions.

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1. Artizon Museum

0.24 MILES

Amassed by Bridgestone founder Ishibashi Shōjiro, this is one of the best French impressionist collections you will find in Asia – although it is closed…

2. Tokyo International Forum

0.33 MILES

This architectural marvel designed by Rafael Viñoly houses a convention and arts centre, with eight auditoriums and a spacious courtyard in which concerts…

3. Tokyo Station

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Tokyo Station celebrated its centenary in 2014 with a major renovation and expansion. Kingo Tatsuno's original elegant brick building on the Marunouchi…

4. Intermediatheque

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Dedicated to interdisciplinary experimentation, Intermediatheque cherry-picks from the vast collection of the University of Tokyo to craft a fascinating,…

5. Mitsubishi Ichigōkan Museum

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Housed in a handsome reproduction of the area’s first office building (designed in 1894 by English architect Josiah Conder), this museum showcases…

6. Ginza Maison Hermès Le Forum

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On the 8th floor of the French luxury goods boutique is a spacious, light-filled gallery that hosts around three different contemporary art shows per year…

7. Kabukiza Gallery

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If you have a ticket to see a show at the Kabukiza theatre, you get a ¥100 discount on entry to this small gallery displaying stage props, scenery and…

8. Ginza Sony Park

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Up until just after the 2020 Olympics, this corner of the Sukiyabashi crossing will be an innovative public space. At ground level greenery flourishes as …