Tokyo Station


Tokyo Station celebrated its centenary in 2014 with a major renovation and expansion. Kingo Tatsuno's original elegant brick building on the Marunouchi side has been expertly restored to include domes faithful to the original design, decorated inside with relief sculptures. It's best viewed straight on from the plaza on Miyuki-dōri.

Elevated viewpoints include the rooftop garden of the KITTE shopping mall, or the terrace on the 7th floor of the Shin-Maru Building.

Tokyo Station Hotel occupies the south end of the building; to the north is Tokyo Station Gallery, which hosts interesting exhibitions, and the useful JR East Travel Service Center.

Tokyo Station City, the name for the general nontransport complex, includes, on the eastern Yaesu side, Daimaru department store, and a vast and bewildering network of underground shopping and dining arcades. Here you can pick up a bentō (boxed lunch) – perfect for long train rides – and souvenirs from across Japan.