teamLab Borderless

Museum in Odaiba & Tokyo Bay

Image by 52Hzwhale Shutterstock

Digital-art collective teamLab has created 60 artworks for this new museum that tests the border between art and the viewer: many are interactive. Not sure how? That's the point – go up to the artworks, move and touch them (or just stand still) and see how they react. There is no suggested route; teamLab Borderless is all about exploration. Buy tickets in advance online.

Making your way from room to room feels like entering a sequence of discrete worlds – a bit like being in a fantasy role-playing game. Don't miss the magical Crystal World and Forest of Lamps; the latter you'll likely have to queue for.

On the 2nd floor, the Athletics Forest is a collection of installations designed with kids in mind (but grown-ups can join in, too). A highlight here is the chance to colour in a drawing of an animal, insect or flower, and then watch as it is born into an animated creature.

Take a break at the En Tea House, where you can see digital flowers bloom inside your cup of tea (¥500).