Must-see attractions in Nagoya

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    Tokugawa Art Museum

    A must for anyone interested in Japanese culture and history, this museum has a collection of over 10,000 pieces that includes National Treasures and…

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    Although the current buildings were completed in 1966, Atsuta-jingū has been a shrine for over 1900 years and is one of the most sacred Shintō shrines in…

  • SCMAGLEV & Railway Park

    Trainspotters will be in heaven at this fantastic hands-on museum. Featuring actual maglev (the world's fastest train – 581km/h), shinkansen (bullet…

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    Toyota Kaikan Museum

    See up to 20 shiny examples of the latest automotive technology hot off the production line and witness firsthand how they're made here at Toyota's global…

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    This delightful Japanese garden adjacent to the Tokugawa Art Museum was donated by the Tokugawa family to Nagoya city in 1931 but destroyed by bombing in…

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    Nagoya City Science Museum

    This hands-on museum claims the world's largest dome-screen planetarium, with some seriously out-of-this-world projection technology. There's also a…

  • Nagoya-jō

    The original structure, built between 1610 and 1614 by Tokugawa Ieyasu for his ninth son, was levelled in WWII. Today's castle is a concrete replica (with…

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    Noritake Garden

    Pottery fans will enjoy a stroll around Noritake Garden, the 1904 factory grounds of one of Japan's best-known porcelain makers, featuring remnants of…

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    International Design Centre Nagoya

    Housed in the swooping Nadya Park complex is this secular shrine to the deities of conceptualisation, form and function. Design touchstones from art deco…

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    Nagoya TV Tower

    Nagoya's much-loved TV tower, completed in 1954, was the first of its kind in Japan. The tower's central location makes its 100m-high Sky Balcony a great…

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    Ōsu Kannon

    The much-visited, workaday Ōsu Kannon temple traces its roots back to 1333. Devoted to the Buddha of Compassion, the temple was moved to its present…

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    Sky Promenade

    On levels 44 to 46 of Midland Square, Sky Promenade features Japan's tallest open-air observation deck and a handful of high-altitude, high-priced…

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    Nagoya City Archives

    Built in 1922, this grand Taisho-era Court of Appeal now houses the city archives. While the archives themselves are difficult to navigate for non…

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    Noritake Craft Centre & Museum

    Glaze your own porcelain dish (from ¥1800 plus shipping) in the Craft Centre & Museum in Noritake Garden, which has demonstrations of the production…

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    Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Arts

    This collaborative effort between Japanese backers and the Museum of Fine Arts Boston showcases a small but impressive collection of Japanese and…

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    Treasure Hall

    The Treasure Hall at Atsuta-jingū displays a changing collection of more than 4000 Tokugawa-era swords, masks and paintings.

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    Noritake Garden Gallery

    The pleasant Noritake Gallery, in Noritake Garden, exhibits paintings, sculptures and ceramic works.

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    Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium

    Among Nagoya's most well-known attractions, this port-side aquarium features one of the largest outdoor tanks in the world, and the permanently moored…

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    Higashiyama Zoo & Botanical Gardens

    Some visitors might find the size of the enclosures at this otherwise well-kept zoo a little disheartening. A low admission price and the attractive…