Noritake Garden


Pottery fans will enjoy a stroll around Noritake Garden, the 1904 factory grounds of one of Japan's best-known porcelain makers, featuring remnants of early kilns and the pleasant Noritake Gallery. You can also glaze your own dish in the Craft Centre & Museum, which demonstrates the production process. The 'Box Outlet Shop', ironically, has unboxed wares at discounted prices. English signs throughout.

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1. Noritake Craft Centre & Museum

0.02 MILES

Glaze your own porcelain dish (from ¥1800 plus shipping) in the Craft Centre & Museum in Noritake Garden, which has demonstrations of the production…

2. Noritake Garden Gallery

0.05 MILES

The pleasant Noritake Gallery, in Noritake Garden, exhibits paintings, sculptures and ceramic works.

4. Midland Square


Nagoya's tallest building (247m) houses Toyota's corporate HQ and showroom, boutique shopping on the lower floors and a beehive of offices in the middle…

5. Sky Promenade


On levels 44 to 46 of Midland Square, Sky Promenade features Japan's tallest open-air observation deck and a handful of high-altitude, high-priced…

6. Nagoya-jō

1.12 MILES

The original structure, built between 1610 and 1614 by Tokugawa Ieyasu for his ninth son, was levelled in WWII. Today's castle is a concrete replica (with…

7. Nagoya City Science Museum

1.44 MILES

This hands-on museum claims the world's largest dome-screen planetarium, with some seriously out-of-this-world projection technology. There's also a…

8. Nagoya TV Tower

1.63 MILES

Nagoya's much-loved TV tower, completed in 1954, was the first of its kind in Japan. The tower's central location makes its 100m-high Sky Balcony a great…