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Around Tokyo

Once you've succumbed to Tokyo's manifold pleasures, and the capital has chewed you up, Godzilla-style, worry not: there's a whole other world out there, where spiritual sanctuaries, invigorating hot springs and idyllic natural scenery awaits; and most of it is less than two hours away from the city.

Rambling country ryokan (traditional Japanese inns), laid-back surf beaches, pristine lakes and cedar-lined trails are some of the delights in store, as well as the symbol of Japan itself, mighty Mt Fuji. There's history here too, including a medieval capital and ports that were among the first to open to the West.

Getting around is a relative breeze, with ferries and flights providing easy access to the volcanic Izu Islands. But if you're really looking to get away, then set sail for the World Heritage–listed Ogasawara Archipelago, a natural sanctuary 1000km south of Tokyo where you can spot whales and swim with dolphins.

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