Must-see attractions in Volterra

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    Museo Etrusco Guarnacci

    The vast collection of artefacts exhibited here makes this one of Italy's most impressive Etruscan collections. Found locally, they include some 600…

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    Museo Diocesano d'Arte Sacra Volterra

    Offering an innovative and particularly satisfying museum experience, this collection of sacred art is housed in the still-functioning Chiesa di San…

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    Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta

    A handsome coffered ceiling is the standout feature of Volterra's duomo, which was built in the 12th and 13th centuries and remodelled in the 16th. The…

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    Ecomuseo dell'Alabastro

    As befits a town that's hewn the precious material from nearby quarries since Etruscan times, Volterra is the proud possessor of an alabaster museum. It's…

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    Pinacoteca Comunale

    Local, Sienese and Florentine art holds sway in this modest collection in the Palazzo Minucci Solaini. Taddeo di Bartolo's Madonna Enthroned with Child …

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    Just west of the cathedral is the 13th-century baptistry with a small marble font (1502) by Andrea Sansovino.

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    Teatro Romano

    The grassy ranks of seating and towering columns of Italy's finest and best-preserved Roman theatre makes this a particularly evocative archaeological…

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    Palazzo dei Priori

    Volterra's 13th-century town hall is the oldest seat of local government in Tuscany. The staircase bears a fresco of the Crucifixion by Pier Francesco…

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    Palazzo Pretorio

    Forming one side of Volterra's central square, the Palazzo Pretorio was the seat of the local mayor. From it sprouts one of the town's oldest towers, the…

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    Fortezza Medicea

    The 14th-century Fortezza Medicea, later altered by Lorenzo Il Magnifico, is nowadays a prison (admission: one felony), but the 'Nuova Fortezza' within…

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    Porta all'Arco

    City gate built by the Etruscans in the 4th century BC.