Housed in three villas – Casino Nobile, Casina delle Civette and Casino dei Principi – this museum boasts an eclectic collection of sculpture, paintings, furnishings, and decorative stained glass.

The main ticket office is just inside the Via Nomentana entrance to Villa Torlonia.

With its oversized neoclassical facade – designed by Giuseppe Valadier – Casino Nobile makes quite an impression. In the lavishly decorated interior you can admire the Torlonia family’s fine collection of classically inspired sculpture and early-20th-century paintings from the Scuola Romana (Roman School of Art).

To the northeast, the much smaller Casina delle Civette is a bizarre mix of Swiss cottage, Gothic castle and twee farmhouse decorated in art-nouveau style. Built between 1840 and 1930, it's now a museum dedicated to stained glass.

Casino dei Principi, which houses the archive of the Scuola Romana, stages temporary exhibitions.