Must-see attractions in Rimini

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    Museo della Città

    This rambling museum is best known for its Roman section. Spread over several rooms, with excellent bilingual (Italian/English) signage, are finds from…

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    Ponte di Tiberio

    The majestic five-arched Tiberius' Bridge dates from AD 21. In Roman times it marked the start of the Via Emilia – the important arterial road between the…

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    Tempio Malatestiano

    Built originally in 13th-century Gothic style and dedicated to St Francis, Rimini's cathedral was radically transformed in the mid-1400s into a…

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    Arco di Augusto

    This Roman triumphal arch, the oldest of its kind in northern Italy, was commissioned by Emperor Augustus in 27 BC and stands an impressive 17m high on…

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    Cinema Fulgor

    Legendary Italian film director Federico Fellini's restored hometown theatre, where he watched films as a child and developed his passion for cinema, was…

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    Teatro Amintore Galli

    As the Latin inscription states, 'With citizens' money and the ingenuity of Luigi Poletti in 1857' Rimini's Teatro Galli was inaugurated in the 19th…

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    Domus del Chirurgo

    Occupying a large square in the centre of Rimini, these excavated remains of three Roman homes (the most prominent being the dwelling of a prosperous…

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    Borgo San Giuliano

    Just over the Ponte di Tiberio, Rimini's old fishing quarter has been freshened up and is now a colourful patchwork of cobbled lanes, trendy trattorias,…

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    Castel Sismondo

    Also known as the Rocca Malatestiana, Rimini's classic Renaissance castle was designed by the great military leader himself, Sigismondo Malatesta…

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    aRimini Caput Viarum

    Rimini is perhaps a tad over-excited about this newer attraction: a church and hospital dating to 1368 beautifully restored and converted into a small…

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    Palazzo del Municipio

    The city's finest palazzi hug the attractive Piazza Cavour. On its northern flank, Palazzo del Municipio, built in 1562 and reconstructed after being…

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    Palazzo del Podestà

    This imposing Gothic palazzo on the northern edge of pretty Piazza Cavour dates to the 14th century. It is not open to the public yet, but a new Museum of…