Cinema Fulgor


Legendary Italian film director Federico Fellini's restored hometown theatre, where he watched films as a child and developed his passion for cinema, was renovated according to original renderings of Oscar-winning set designer and Fellini protégé Dante Ferretti. The gorgeous results, a striking, art deco–esque marriage of red velvet and ornate, gold-leafed accents, reopened as a working cinema on Fellini's birthday in January 2018. Both Fellini and contemporary films are shown.

Tours are for groups only, but some city tours pop in on a regular basis. By late 2020, part of the new Museo Internazionale Federico Fellini will be housed here (another part will be installed at Castel Sismondo and outdoor at CircAmarcord Piazza d’Arti). The museum will include exhibitions on Fellini’s work as told through poetry, photographs, drawings and film projects (including films never produced), as well as interactive and multimedia installations.