Modi Havelis


The Modi Havelis face each other and house some of Jhunjhunu’s best murals and woodcarving. The haveli (traditional, ornately decorated residence) on the eastern side has a painting of a woman in a blue sari sitting before a gramophone; a frieze depicts a train, alongside which soldiers race on horses. The spaces between the brackets above show the Krishna legends. The haveli on the western side has some comical pictures, featuring some remarkable facial expressions and moustaches.

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1. Khetri Mahal

0.07 MILES

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2. Bihariji Temple

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3. Kaniram Narsinghdas Tibrewala Haveli

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6. Mohanlal Ishwardas Modi Haveli

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On the northern side of Nehru Bazaar is Mohanlal Ishwardas Modi Haveli (1896). A train runs merrily across the front facade. Above the entrance to the…

7. Dargah of Kamaruddin Shah

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8. Mertani Baori


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