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Chittorgarh (Chittor)

Chittorgarh is the largest fort complex in India, nearly 6km long and 500m across, and is a fascinating place to explore. It sits atop a hill that rises abruptly from the plains, its defensive walls augmented on all sides by 150m-plus cliffs.

Chittorgarh's history epitomises Rajput romanticism, chivalry and tragedy, and it holds a special place in the hearts of many Rajputs. Three times (in 1303, 1535 and 1568) Chittorgarh was under attack from a more powerful enemy; each time, its people chose death before dishonour. The men donned saffron martyrs’ robes and rode out from the fort to certain death, while the women and children immolated themselves on huge funeral pyres. After the last of the three sackings, Rana Udai Singh II fled to Udaipur, where he established a new capital. In 1616, Jehangir returned Chittor to the Rajputs. There was no attempt at resettlement, though it was restored in 1905.

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