Kloster Eberbach

Rhine Valley

Dating from the 12th century, this one-time Cistercian monastery, in an idyllic little valley 15km northeast of Rüdesheim, went through periods as a hospital, jail, sheep pen and accommodation for WWII refugees. Today you can explore the 13th- and 14th-century Kreuzgang (cloister), the monks’ baroque refectory and their vaulted Gothic Mönchsdormitorium (dormitory), as well as the austere Romanesque Klosterkirche (basilica).

At the Vinothek you can taste and buy the superb wines produced by the government-owned Hessische Staatsweingüter (Hessian State Winery).

Guided English-language tours of the monastery including tastings at the Vinothek last 1½ to two hours; higher-priced tours include a classical music performance.

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