Rhine Valley

The Mouse Tower, on an island near the confluence of the Nahe and Rhine, is where – according to legend – Hatto II, the 10th-century archbishop of Mainz, was devoured alive by mice as punishment for his oppressive rule. In fact, the name is probably a mutation of Mautturm (toll tower), which reflects the building’s medieval function.

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1. Museum am Strom

0.66 MILES

On Bingen's riverside promenade, this one-time power station now displays exhibits on Rhine romanticism, both engraved and painted. Other highlights…

2. Burg Rheinstein

1.56 MILES

In the 1820s, privately owned Rheinstein, 6km downriver from Bingen, became the first Rhine castle to be converted – by Prussian royalty (a branch of the…

3. Weinmuseum

1.71 MILES

The 1000-year-old Brömserburg castle near the Bingen car-ferry dock now houses this museum, filled with winemaking and wine-drinking paraphernalia from…

5. Burg Reichenstein

2.56 MILES

Looming above the village of Trechtingshausen, 8km downriver from Bingen, mighty Burg Reichenstein harbours a lavish collection of furnishings, armour,…

6. Peterskirche

7.87 MILES

This late-Romanesque-style Protestant church, completed in 1269, has some columns with vivid capitals – look for the naked woman with snakes sucking her…

7. Wernerkapelle

7.88 MILES

Built from red sandstone between 1289 and 1430 in the shape of a clover leaf, the Gothic Wernerkapelle was partially destroyed in 1689 during the Palatine…

8. Postenturm


Once part of the city's 14th-century fortifications and now surrounded by vineyards, this tower on the upper section of the wall affords panoramic views…