Burg Reichenstein

Rhine Valley

Looming above the village of Trechtingshausen, 8km downriver from Bingen, mighty Burg Reichenstein harbours a lavish collection of furnishings, armour, hunting trophies (including one of Germany's largest collection of antlers) and cast-iron oven slabs. To get a taster of what living here would be like, book into one of its 21 individually designed rooms (single/double/suite from €99/119/159). Its fine-dining restaurant has seasonal regional menus and monumental views.

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1. Burg Rheinstein

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In the 1820s, privately owned Rheinstein, 6km downriver from Bingen, became the first Rhine castle to be converted – by Prussian royalty (a branch of the…

2. Mäuseturm

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The Mouse Tower, on an island near the confluence of the Nahe and Rhine, is where – according to legend – Hatto II, the 10th-century archbishop of Mainz,…

3. Museum am Strom

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On Bingen's riverside promenade, this one-time power station now displays exhibits on Rhine romanticism, both engraved and painted. Other highlights…

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8. Postenturm

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Once part of the city's 14th-century fortifications and now surrounded by vineyards, this tower on the upper section of the wall affords panoramic views…