Michelsberg Synagogue Memorial


The site of Wiesbaden’s largest pre-war synagogue, built in 1869 and destroyed in 1938, is marked by a memorial that includes an outline of the structure (in dark paving stones on the footpaths and street) and historic photos and biographical information on 1507 Wiesbaden Jews who perished in the Holocaust.

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Nearby Wiesbaden attractions

1. Bäckerbrunnen

0.17 MILES

There’s a hot springs tap at the Bäckerbrunnen, a little brick building a block south of Goldgasse.

2. Altes Rathaus

0.19 MILES

Overlooking the Schlossplatz, the Altes Rathaus (1610) is Wiesbaden's oldest building. It houses the representative rooms of the Hessischer Landtag …

3. Marktbrunnen


On the Schlossplatz, the Marktbrunnen dates from 1753 and was restored in 2016.

4. Neues Rathaus

0.22 MILES

Across the Schlossplatz from the Altes Rathaus is the Neues Rathaus (1887). Its interior is closed to the public.

5. Marktkirche

0.25 MILES

The Protestant neo-Gothic Marktkirche, built of bright red bricks between 1853 and 1862, was the first all-brick building to be built in the region. Its…

6. St-Bonifatius-Kirche

0.28 MILES

The soaring steeples of this Gothic Revival church, reaching 68m high, make it a local landmark. Construction started in 1844 and it was consecrated in…

7. Kochbrunnen

0.34 MILES

If you're game to taste-test the hot spa waters for which the city is known (and named), which are said to have wonderful pharmacological powers, head to…

8. Bowling Green

0.35 MILES

Out the front of the Kurhaus Wiesbaden, the Bowling Green is flanked by an elegant, 129m-long colonnade.