Blühendes Barock

Stuttgart & the Black Forest

Appealing in summer is a fragrant stroll amid the herbs, rhododendrons and gushing fountains of the Blühendes Barock gardens. Admission includes entry to the Märchengarten.

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1. Residenzschloss

0.05 MILES

Nicknamed the 'Swabian Versailles', the Residenzschloss is an extravagant 452-room baroque, rococo and Empire affair. The 90-minute chateau tours (in…

2. Marktplatz

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Dominated by a twin-spired, powderpuff-pink church and rimmed by arcaded houses, Ludwigsburg's striking market square was laid out in the 18th century in…

3. Schloss Favorite

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Sitting in parkland a five-minute walk north of the Residenzschloss is the petite baroque palace Schloss Favorite, built between 1717 and 1723 for Duke…

4. Max-Eyth-See

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When temperatures soar, Stuttgarters head to Max-Eyth-See for pedalo fun on the lake and picnicking beside the Neckar River. Murky water rules out…

5. Porsche Museum

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7. Weissenhof Estate

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8. Unterer Schlossgarten

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The Unterer Schlossgarten is a ribbon of greenery rambling northeast to the Neckar River and the Rosensteinpark, home to the zoo.