Museo en Miniatura 'Guayaquil en la Historia'


This whimsical museum takes visitors on a breezy journey through Guayaquil's history, with elaborate miniature sets that relate key events over the past 500 years (including pirate attacks, devastating fires, revolutionary fervor and more recent but equally bold revitalization projects). The whole tour takes about 45 minutes, and is available in English.

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1. Tropical Garden

0.14 MILES

These lush gardens aren't very large, but they're still worth a peek while strolling through the malecón. For a fee, you can enter the gardens, where…

3. Numa Pompilio Llona

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This historic street, named after the well-known guayaquileño poet (1832–1907), begins at the northern end of the malecón, to the right of the stairs that…

4. Iglesia de Santo Domingo

0.29 MILES

Behind the open-air Teatro Bogotá is the oldest church in Guayaquil. Founded in 1548 and restored in 1938, it’s worth a look.

5. Museo de los Equipos del Astillero

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A photo- and trophy-filled tribute to Guayaquil's great rival soccer teams, Barcelona and Emelec, this museum is divided neatly into two colors: the…

7. Cerro Santa Ana

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8. Capilla Santa Ana

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This tiny church sits atop Cerro Santa Ana. It's worth climbing up here for the magnificent views.