Malecón 2000


One of the most extensive urban-renewal projects in South America, Malecón 2000 is made up of monuments, playgrounds, sculptures, gardens and river views. From its southernmost point at the Mercado Sur to Cerro Santa Ana and Las Peñas in the north, el malecón stretches 2.5km along the bank of the wide Río Guayas. It’s a gated, policed public space with restaurants, a museum, a performance space, a movie theater and a shopping mall.

At the far northern end are good views of the colonial district of Las Peñas and Cerro Santa Ana and, in the distance, the Puente de la Unidad Nacional (National Union Bridge) soaring over the Río Daule. The Cinema Guayaquil has a dioramic, narrated historical overview of the city, in miniature, for those who don't have time to walk the entire place.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Guayaquil attractions

1. La Rotonda

0.03 MILES

Around halfway along the malecón you’ll soon come to one of Guayaquil’s more impressive monuments, particularly when illuminated at night. Flanked by…

2. Church of La Merced

0.19 MILES

Like many of Guayaquil’s colonial buildings, the original wooden church built in 1787 was destroyed by fire. The current incarnation dates from 1938 and…

3. Yacht Club


A point of reference on the malecón, this club dates back to 1928, and has a permanent meeting spot here.

5. Church of San Francisco

0.21 MILES

This church, originally built in the early 18th century, burned down in the devastating fire of 1896, which destroyed huge swaths of the city. It was…

6. Sucre Monument

0.21 MILES

This monument commemorates Antonio José de Sucre, the 19th-century general who played a pivotal role in helping Ecuador gain its independence from Spain.

7. Museo Nahim Isaias

0.23 MILES

Nahim Isaias, located in the Plaza de Administración building, exhibits more than 2000 pictorial and sculptural works, paintings and artifacts from the…

8. Palacio Municipal

0.24 MILES

Across the street from the malecón is the ornate, gray Palacio Municipal building, home to the Municipal Council and the mayor's office. The elaborate…