Palacio Municipal


Across the street from the malecón is the ornate, gray Palacio Municipal building, home to the Municipal Council and the mayor's office. The elaborate structure was built in 1921, and honors both neoclassical and baroque styles with domes on the top in the four corners and Greek-style columns on the second floor. It sits opposite the Universidad de las Artes.

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1. Sucre Monument

0.03 MILES

This monument commemorates Antonio José de Sucre, the 19th-century general who played a pivotal role in helping Ecuador gain its independence from Spain.

2. Museo Nahim Isaias

0.03 MILES

Nahim Isaias, located in the Plaza de Administración building, exhibits more than 2000 pictorial and sculptural works, paintings and artifacts from the…

4. Torre Morisco

0.04 MILES

Where Calle 10 de Agosto hits the malecón you’ll see this famous 30m-high Moorish-style clock tower, which was completed in 1931. It's a memorable sight…

5. Yacht Club

0.05 MILES

A point of reference on the malecón, this club dates back to 1928, and has a permanent meeting spot here.

6. Library

0.12 MILES

Guayaquil's grand municipal library was founded in 1862 and contains the usual round-up of research volumes – as well as a curious Comiteca, with an…

7. Museo Municipal

0.12 MILES

A block south of Parque Bolívar, you’ll find this museum and, on the opposite side of the building, the municipal library. The archaeology room on the…

8. Cathedral & Seminario Park


On the west side of Seminario Park is a cathedral originally built in 1547 as a wooden building – however, like much of Guayaquil, it was destroyed by…