Plaza Lagos


One of Guayaquil's most charming and upscale settings for a bite or a drink is Plaza Lagos, a handsomely designed complex of restaurants, designer boutique shops, wine bars and outdoor cafes set amid palm trees, gurgling fountains, walkways and an artificial lake. With its colonial-inspired architecture and tropical breezes, it feels a bit like Miami meets the Mediterranean.

Around two dozen eating spots are clustered here, serving up everything from South American fusion to Spanish tapas. In addition to higher-end dining rooms, a handful of cafes serve up Italian, gourmet sandwiches, desserts and the like. It's a relaxing spot to dine al fresco, particularly on weekends, when some places host live music. Keep in mind that prices are higher here – but in general so is the quality.

It's located across the Río Daule in the upscale district of Samborondón. From downtown Guayaquil, a taxi costs about $10.

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