Panagia tis Podythou

Troödos Mountains

Located in the village of Galata, on the Nicosia road, this 16th-century Unesco-listed church was established in 1502 by Dimitrios de Coron, a Greek military officer in the service of James II (king of Cyprus).

Its 17th-century frescos cover the pediment of both the east and west walls. The two striking frescos on the north and south walls appear uncompleted. They depict the apostles, Peter and Paul, in a Renaissance-influenced (Italo-Byzantine) style with vivid colours that provide a three-dimensional appearance.

Occupied by monks until the 1950s, the church is rectangular, with a semicircular apse at the eastern end and a portico (built later) that surrounds it on three sides. It also has a characteristic pitched roof.

If the church is closed, ask for the caretaker at the Galata village coffee shop.