Archangelos Michail

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Most people visit Pedoulas to see this extraordinary Unesco-listed church. Dating from 1474, the gable-roofed building sits in the lower part of the village. Its evocative and brightly coloured frescos, restored in 1980, show a move towards the naturalism of the post-Byzantine revival. The works are credited to an artist known only as Adamos, who, unusually for that time, signed his work. If it's not open, the key is held at the Byzantine Museum across the street.

Also depicted are, of course, the Archangel Michael, looming above the faithful, as well as the denial of Christ, the sacrifice of Abraham, the Virgin and Christ, and a beautiful baptism scene where an unclothed Christ exits the River Jordan with fish swimming at his feet.

Be sure not to mistake the looming white Church of the Holy Cross just up the road for this far more famous and historic church.