The famous beach of Aphrodite's rock, Cyprus.

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Aphrodite’s Rock & Beach

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Possibly the most famous beach in Cyprus, Aphrodite’s Beach is distinctive for its two upright rocks, which are easy to spot, particularly as you'll generally find swimmers perched somewhat precariously on top of them. To get here, take the old B6 road from Lemesos to Pafos (a recommended scenic journey).

The English moniker Rock of Aphrodite comes from the legend that Aphrodite, ancient patron goddess of Cyprus, emerged from the sea at this point in a surge of foam before, no doubt, going off to entertain some lovers. The same thing is claimed by the residents of Kythira island in Greece. But who’s to say she didn’t do such a thing in both places?

Most visitors either stop midtrip to have a swim or come for the sunset, which is best seen from either the Petra tou Romiou tourist pavilion or from a roadside car park about 1.5km further east. Skip any kind of eating at the tourist-pavilion cafeteria, where you’ll be overcharged for indifferent snacks; bring your own food and have a picnic instead.

A pedestrian underpass leads to the beach from the kiosk and car park on the other side of the road, around 500m further on towards Pafos from the tourist pavilion; it’s well signposted.

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