Avdimou Beach

Top choice in Cyprus

This lovely stretch of beach is home to the sophisticated Zias Beach Club and the Kyrenia Beach Restaurant, which is superb for seafood. The views of the bay are stunning and the crystal-clear waters here are ideal for snorkelling. The restaurant rents out sunbeds and parasols (€4.50). Note that the scenic access road is rough in parts, but passable.

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1. Melanda Beach

0.15 MILES

An arc of fine pebbles and sand sheltered by low, white cliffs and backed by olive trees, this is one of the best beaches in the region. It’s signposted…

2. Pasteli Museum

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3. Sanctuary of Apollon Ylatis

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8. Kourion Museum


History buffs should not miss this excellent museum signposted off the Lemesos–Kourion road and marked from Episkopi. The collection includes terracotta…