Pedoulas Byzantine Museum

Troödos Mountains

The museum’s rich collection of 12th- to 15th-century icons come from six ancient Byzantine churches in the village and include the late-13th-century icon of the Virgin Vorinis. Many pieces have featured in exhibitions worldwide.

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1. Archangelos Michail

0.02 MILES

Most people visit Pedoulas to see this extraordinary Unesco-listed church. Dating from 1474, the gable-roofed building sits in the lower part of the…

2. Folk Art Museum

0.16 MILES

Near the village centre, this museum houses clothing, furniture and agricultural tools that provide a snapshot of the culture, customs and history of the…

3. Panagia tou Moutoulla

1.22 MILES

The oldest of the 10 Unesco-listed painted churches in the Troödos Mountains, this church is believed to have once been a private chapel. It has the steep…

4. Agios Ioannis Lambadistis Monastery


This Unesco-listed site is a complex of three churches in one, dating from the 11th century and built over 400 years. Now under one huge pitched wooden…

5. Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis

3.37 MILES

This Unesco-listed church, known in English as St Nicholas of the Roof because of its large, heavy-pitched top, was founded in the 11th century and…

6. Panagia Theotokou (Arhangelou)

4.25 MILES

Dating from around 1514, this smaller chapel is just near Panagia tis Podythou. It’s quite dark inside, so you may want to bring a torch. It has vivid…

7. Panagia tis Podythou

4.29 MILES

Located in the village of Galata, on the Nicosia road, this 16th-century Unesco-listed church was established in 1502 by Dimitrios de Coron, a Greek…

8. Troödos Botanical Gardens

4.43 MILES

Part of the excellent Troödos Geopark, this is a small but well-laid-out botanical garden with a lily pond and other water features, including a tumbling…