Must-see attractions in Cyprus

  • Haydarpaşa Mosque

    North Nicosia (Lefkoşa)

    The second-most important Gothic structure in North Nicosia after the Selimiye Mosque, this building began life as the 14th-century Church of St Catherine…

  • Avdimou Beach


    This lovely stretch of beach is home to the sophisticated Zias Beach Club and the Kyrenia Beach Restaurant, which is superb for seafood. The views of the…

  • Chrysaliniotissa Quarter

    Nicosia (Lefkosia)

    Centred around the Panagia Chrysaliniotissa church, this residential neighbourhood on the edge of the Old City rubs right up against the Green Line, and…

  • Makenzy Beach


    Larnaka's most popular beach has all the facilities needed for a day in the sun, including plenty of cafes and restaurants rimming the promenade. It’s…

  • Fig Tree Bay


    The most popular, and best, of Protaras' sandy strips, Fig Tree Bay lies at the southern end of the Protaras seaside promenade. It has a small sand island…

  • Kermia Beach

    Agia Napa

    Ideal for those who prefer a quiet spot where they can find a sunbed, Kermia Beach is about 2km east of Agia Napa towards Cape Greco. This is a…

  • Mevlevi Tekke Museum

    North Nicosia (Lefkoşa)

    This 17th-century former tekke (dervish house) was once Cyprus' central meeting place for the island's followers of the Mevlevi Order. Made famous by the…

  • Agios Ioannis Lambadistis monastery

    Agios Ioannis Lambadistis Monastery

    Troödos Mountains

    This Unesco-listed site is a complex of three churches in one, dating from the 11th century and built over 400 years. Now under one huge pitched wooden…

  • Panagia tou Araka

    Panagia tou Araka

    Troödos Mountains

    This 12th-century Unesco-listed church is on the outskirts of Lagoudera. From the outside, it appears enormous, the pitched roof and wooden trellis…

  • Courtyard of the Timiou Stavrou Monastery in the village of Omodos in the Troodos Mountains of central Cyprus.

    Timiou Stavrou Monastery

    Troödos Mountains

    Fronted by the town’s impressive, massive cobbled square, the monastery’s entrance is guarded by a statue commemorating Dositheos, a former abbot…

  • Church of Panagia tou Moutoulla at Moutoullas village on Cyprus.

    Panagia tou Moutoulla

    Troödos Mountains

    The oldest of the 10 Unesco-listed painted churches in the Troödos Mountains, this church is believed to have once been a private chapel. It has the steep…

  • Agia Paraskeviith, Byzantine Church in Geroskipou village, Cyprus.

    Agia Paraskevi


    One of the loveliest churches in the Pafos area is this six-domed Byzantine church in Geroskipou, 4.5km east of Pafos. Most of the surviving frescos date…

  • Early morning light at Melanda Beach in Cyprus.

    Melanda Beach


    An arc of fine pebbles and sand sheltered by low, white cliffs and backed by olive trees, this is one of the best beaches in the region. It’s signposted…

  • Inside view of the Municipal Museum of Folk Art building in Limassol.

    Municipal Folk Art Museum

    Lemesos (Limassol)

    Spread over six rooms and a past winner of the prestigious Europa Nostra Award (EU prize for cultural heritage), this museum hosts beautiful…

  • Aerial view of Limassol Marina and surroundings.

    Limassol Marina

    Lemesos (Limassol)

    With haute-couture boutiques, world-class art galleries, gourmet restaurants, stylish bars and, if that's not enough, a place to park your luxury yacht,…

  • Panagia tis Podythou

    Troödos Mountains

    Located in the village of Galata, on the Nicosia road, this 16th-century Unesco-listed church was established in 1502 by Dimitrios de Coron, a Greek…

  • Ecclesiastical Museum


    This noteworthy museum is worth visiting for its ecclesiastical vestments, vessels, copies of scripture and collection of impressive icons, including a…

  • Oleastro Olive Park


    All you ever wanted to know about the humble olive and were afraid to ask. Oleastro is devoted to the story of this mainstay of Cypriot cuisine. The…

  • Agia Sotira tou Soteros

    Troödos Mountains

    Perched on the slope overlooking Palaichori village, this Unesco-listed early-16th-century chapel contains one of the island’s most complete groups of…

  • Panagia Theotokou (Arhangelou)

    Troödos Mountains

    Dating from around 1514, this smaller chapel is just near Panagia tis Podythou. It’s quite dark inside, so you may want to bring a torch. It has vivid…

  • Michael Owen Gallery


    British artist Michael Owen has been living in Cyprus since 1971, and his work is alive with the spirit of the Cypriot landscape. His gallery in…

  • Ancient Soloi


    One of Cyprus’ ancient city kingdoms, Soloi was originally referred to as Si-il-lu, on an Assyrian tribute list that dates from 700 BC.

  • Kantara Castle


    The best vantage point on the Karpas is from this Lusignan Gothic castle, one of three in Cyprus. Kantara Castle is the furthest east and the lowest in…

  • Stavrovouni Monastery


    Perched 668m high at the peak of Stavrovouni (literally ‘Mountain of the Cross’), this monastery is revered as the oldest on the island and is said to…

  • Mavi Köşk


    Probably the most eccentric sight in Northern Cyprus, Mavi Köşk (Blue House) was supposedly built by Paulo Paolides, lawyer to Archbishop Makarios III…

  • x-default

    Pafos Castle


    This small fort guards the harbour entrance and is entered by a small stone bridge over a moat. In 2017, to commemorate Pafos' stint as European Capital…

  • Choirokoitia


    Occupying a well-defended hillside with a large perimeter wall, this small but well-preserved neolithic site is the earliest permanent human settlement…

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    Cyprus Wine Museum


    Located 4km east of Episkopi, off the B6 Lemesos–Pafos highway, the Cyprus Wine Museum offers an insight into the history of Cypriot winemaking. There are…

  • Ancient Vouni


    The ruins may be sparse but the views here are truly glorious and well worth the trip. On a superb hilltop location, this ancient site originally housed a…

  • Karmi


    The quaint village of Karmi (officially called Karaman, but still known as Karmi by everyone) is all traditional stone villas, whitewashed cottages,…

  • Kourion Beach


    This is a lovely beach of sand and small pebbles; the area is windy and attracts windsurfers and kiteboarders, as well as those who just want to chill out…

  • Othello’s Tower


    An extension of the Old Town’s walls, Othello’s Tower was constructed during Lusignan rule, in order to protect the harbour. In 1492 the Venetians further…

  • Panagia Absinthiotissa Monastery


    Located on the flank of the Beşparmak Range, this monastery sits idyllically among juniper trees, taking in the views over the Mesaoria plain.

  • Larnaka Salt Lake


    During winter this protected reserve fills with rainwater, creating an important migratory habitat for flamingos, wild ducks and water fowl. As summer…

  • Cape Greco


    This national park has sweeping views of the sea and coast, and is excellent for leisurely day hikes and cycling. Although much of the park is accessible…

  • Maheras Monastery

    Nicosia (Lefkosia)

    It’s a fair hike out to this sprawling monastery perched in the foothills of the eastern spur of the Troödos Mountains and under the all-seeing radar…

  • Kolossi Castle


    This doll's house of a castle (more like a fortified tower) perches on the edge of Kolossi village. It's an interesting reminder of the rule of the…

  • Timios Stavros

    Troödos Mountains

    Built in the 12th century, this Unesco-listed church was originally dome-shaped with a single aisle. In the 13th and 14th centuries it was added to with a…

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