Must-see attractions in Cyprus

  • Saranta Kolones, a ruined medieval fortress. Paphos district, Cyprus

    Pafos Archaeological Site


    Nea Pafos (New Pafos) is, ironically, the name given to the sprawling Pafos Archaeological Site, to the west of Kato Pafos. Nea Pafos was the ancient city…

  • Ancient artifacts from the Roman city of Kourian in Cyprus
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    Ancient Kourion


    Defiantly perched on a hillside, with a sweeping view of the surrounding patchwork fields and the sea, Ancient Kourion is a spectacular site. Most likely…

  • Tombs of the Kings


    Imagine yourself surrounded by ancient tombs in a desertlike landscape where the only sounds are waves crashing on rocks. The Tombs of the Kings, a Unesco…

  • Zenobia ship wreck near Paphos, Cyprus ; Shutterstock ID 471124055; purchase_order: 65050; job: ; client: ; other:



    For divers, the one reason to come to Larnaka is to explore the Zenobia, a Swedish-built cargo ship that sank just off the coast of Larnaka in 1980…

  • St. Hilarion Castle in Kyrenia, North Cyprus.

    St Hilarion Castle


    The full fairy-tale outline of St Hilarion Castle only becomes apparent once you’re directly beneath it. The stone walls and half-ruined buildings blend…

  • The stone city walls of Famagusta in Cyprus.

    Venetian Walls


    Defining the Old Town, these imposing ramparts were constructed by the Venetians in the early 16th century. Although over 15m high and up to 8m thick, and…

  • Courtyard in Kykkos monastery.

    Kykkos Monastery

    Kykkos Monastery & Around

    The island’s most prosperous and opulent Orthodox monastery was founded in the 11th century by Byzantine emperor Alexios I Komninos after a bizarre series…

  • Selimiye Mosque in Nicosia, Northern Cyprus.

    Selimiye Mosque

    North Nicosia (Lefkoşa)

    North Nicosia’s most prominent landmark (also clearly visible from the southern half of the city), the Selimiye Mosque is a beautiful mongrel of a…

  • A series of columns in Amathus ancient city archaeological site.

    Ancient Amathous


    The remains at this archaeological site, about 11km east of Lemesos, belie its original importance. Amathous was one of Cyprus’ original four kingdoms,…

  • The famous beach of Aphrodite's rock, Cyprus.

    Aphrodite’s Rock & Beach


    Possibly the most famous beach in Cyprus, Aphrodite’s Beach is distinctive for its two upright rocks, which are easy to spot, particularly as you'll…

  • Hrysopolitissa Basilica & St Paul's Pillar in Paphos, Cyprus.

    Hrysopolitissa Basilica


    This fascinating site was home to one of Pafos’ largest religious structures. What remains are the foundations of a 4th-century Christian basilica, which…

  • Turtle nests on Lara beach. Akamas, Cyprus.

    Lara Beach

    Akamas Peninsula

    This stunning unspoilt beach has clean, calm water and pristine sands for those who want to escape people and parasols. The beach is most famous, however,…

  • Ruins at the Aphrodite sanctuary

    Sanctuary of Aphrodite


    A World Heritage Site, the sanctuary is recognised as being one of the most important ancient sites related to Aphrodite in Cyprus and yet it is arguably…

  • Interior of Church of Archangelos Michail or Archangel Michael in village of Pedoulas with Historic icon paintings.

    Archangelos Michail

    Troödos Mountains

    Most people visit Pedoulas to see this extraordinary Unesco-listed church. Dating from 1474, the gable-roofed building sits in the lower part of the…

  • Golden Beach in the Karpas Peninsula, Cyprus.

    Golden Beach

    South Coast

    Possibly the best on the island, Golden Beach is worth the trip to the Karpas in itself. Its white-sand dunes and gentle curves meet the calm, clear sea,…

  • Interior view of Panagia Forviotissa (Asinou), a Christian church of the beginning of the 12th century.

    Panagia Forviotissa

    Troödos Mountains

    This Unesco-listed church is in a stunning setting on the perimeter of the Adelfi Forest 4km southwest of Nikitari village. Dedicated to the Virgin of …

  • The castle of the town of Limassol housing the Cyprus Medieval Museum. According to a legend it is the place where Richard Lionheart, king of England got married to Berengaria.

    Lemesos Castle

    Lemesos (Limassol)

    This 14th-century structure, built over the remains of a Byzantine castle, has been utilised by conquerors throughout Cyprus’ turbulent history. The…

  • Bridge and Pond at the Troodos Botanical Gardens in the summer.

    Troödos Botanical Gardens

    Troödos Mountains

    Part of the excellent Troödos Geopark, this is a small but well-laid-out botanical garden with a lily pond and other water features, including a tumbling…

  • Kourion Museum


    History buffs should not miss this excellent museum signposted off the Lemesos–Kourion road and marked from Episkopi. The collection includes terracotta…

  • Ancient theater of Salamis, Famagusta aeria, North Cyprus

    Ancient Salamis


    According to legend, Salamis was founded around 1180 BC by Teucer (Teukros), son of Telamon, king of Salamina, on the Greek mainland. Brother to the hero…

  • North Cyprus, Kyrenia, Kyrenia Castle and Harbour

    Kyrenia Castle

    Kyrenia (Girne)

    If the grand fortifications of Kyrenia Castle could talk, they could sure tell some tales. The castle was first built by the Byzantines – possibly over…

  • Detail from the iconostasis (baroque wood carving), Church of St Lazarus (Agios Lazaros) (built in the 9th century and rebuilt in the 17th century), Larnaca, Cyprus.

    Agios Lazaros


    This 9th-century church is dedicated to Lazarus of Bethany, whom Jesus is said to have resurrected four days after his death. The church itself is an…

  • 16th century Venetian walls of Nicosia, Cyprus; Shutterstock ID 132634124; Your name (First / Last): Brana V; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial; Full Product or Project name including edition: Nicosia destination page

    Venetian Walls

    Nicosia (Lefkosia)

    The Venetian walls form a border around the Old City and are so unusual that, once seen on a map, you’ll never forget the odd snowflake-like shape.

  • Church of Apostolos Varnavas


    This beautiful Orthodox church is dedicated to St Paul’s good friend Varnavas (Barnabas), who was born in Cyprus and carried out his missionary work here…

  • Buyuk Han (The Great Inn) Nicosia, North Cyprus; Shutterstock ID 54096925; Your name (First / Last): Josh Vogel; Project no. or GL code: 56530; Network activity no. or Cost Centre: Online-Design; Product or Project: 65050/7529/Josh Vogel/ Destination Galleries

    Büyük Han

    North Nicosia (Lefkoşa)

    The Büyük Han is Cyprus' best-preserved example of Ottoman caravanserai architecture. Built in 1572 by the first Ottoman governor of Cyprus, Lala Mustafa…

  • Monastery of Apostolos Andreas

    South Coast

    It's not as glitzy as other churches, with a plain, small interior holding an iconostasis with some lovely icons from the late 19th century. But the…

  • Cyprus Museum

    Nicosia (Lefkosia)

    Just outside the Old City walls, this excellent museum houses the island's most important collection of archaeological finds. Highlights include Hall 11's…

  • Buffavento Castle


    Buffavento perches precariously at 940m, overlooking the Mesaoria plain. The constant pummelling it endures from high winds is how it derived its Italian…

  • Bellapais Abbey


    The exquisite ruins of this Augustinian monastery are reason enough to drive up the mountain to Bellapais. It was built in the 12th century by monks…

  • Pierides Archaeological Foundation


    This museum was established in 1839 by Demetrios Pierides as a protective answer to the region’s notorious tomb raiders and the illegal selling of the…

  • Old Town

    Kyrenia (Girne)

    Wrapping around the Old Harbour, the diminutive Old Town is an atmospheric area for a wander. Its winding alleyways hold a jumble of abandoned stone…

  • Lala Mustafa Paşa Camii


    The former Cathedral of Agios Nikolaos (St Nicholas) is the finest example of Lusignan Gothic architecture on the island, built between 1298 and 1326…

  • AG Leventis Gallery

    Nicosia (Lefkosia)

    Located just outside the Old City, this art museum features three collections displaying European paintings and sculpture from the 16th to the 20th…

  • Sanctuary of Apollon Ylatis


    About 2km west of Ancient Kourion’s main entrance, and prominently signposted off the highway, is the Sanctuary of Apollon Ylatis, which is part of the…

  • Armenian Church & Nunnery

    North Nicosia (Lefkoşa)

    This church and nunnery is first thought to have been established in the 13th century as the Abbey of Our Lady of Tyre, and was handed over to the island…

  • Agios Mamas Orthodox Church


    Dedicated to the island’s beloved tax-repelling patron saint, this church was formerly the site of a pagan temple. Before the 1974 Turkish invasion of the…

  • Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre

    Nicosia (Lefkosia)

    This contemporary-art museum is housed in a former power station, and is the city’s equivalent to London’s Tate Modern. The former industrial setting is…

  • Arabahmet Quarter

    North Nicosia (Lefkoşa)

    This neighbourhood rubbing up against the Green Line is home to well-preserved examples of Ottoman-era town-house architecture. The narrow alleyways are…

  • Alagadı Beach


    Alagadı (Turtle) Beach, approximately 19km east of Kyrenia, is where the Society for the Protection of Turtles (SPOT) has its small sea-turtle…

  • CVAR

    Nicosia (Lefkosia)

    Opened in 2014, CVAR's collection of art and archival material showcases the story of modern Cyprus. Galleries full of paintings and other artworks…

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