Panagia Forviotissa

Top choice in Troödos Mountains

This Unesco-listed church is in a stunning setting on the perimeter of the Adelfi Forest 4km southwest of Nikitari village. Dedicated to the Virgin of ‘Phorbiottissa’, it has arguably the finest set of vibrant and colourful Byzantine frescos in the Troödos Mountains. They date from the 12th to the 17th centuries.

To view the church, you’ll need to ask its priest and caretaker, Father Kyriakos, who can usually be found at Nikitari’s coffee shop.

A 5.6km (roughly two-hour) forest hike to the village of Agios Theodoros begins from just before the church; other attractions include the shady, well-equipped Asinou picnic site and a good local taverna across the road.

Panagia Forviotissa can be reached by following the signs off the B9 from Nicosia, via Vyzakia.