Top choice in Larnaka

For divers, the one reason to come to Larnaka is to explore the Zenobia, a Swedish-built cargo ship that sank just off the coast of Larnaka in 1980. Classed as one of the top five wreck dives in the world, the Zenobia and its cargo of trucks lie scattered across the sea floor like a bizarre underwater scrapyard. Various routes through the ship's decks and halls can be explored, according to your level of dive experience.

One of the joys of a dive here is the immense variety of fishes that can be seen. The Mediterranean isn't particularly noted among divers for its rich aquatic life, but the Zenobia acts like an artificial reef, attracting fish and other sea creatures to shelter here, and teems with life. The ship can be explored by divers of all levels but is particularly rewarding for more experienced and technical divers, who can explore deeper into the ship's innards.