Chrysaliniotissa Quarter

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Centred around the Panagia Chrysaliniotissa church, this residential neighbourhood on the edge of the Old City rubs right up against the Green Line, and so was left for years to decay. Today its narrow streets have been revitalised with some lovely restored facades of early 20th-century town houses and alleyways of cottage terrace rows, fringed by pot plants. Its lanes are a charming and peaceful place for a stroll.

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1. Panagia Chrysaliniotissa

0.03 MILES

The church of Panagia Chrysaliniotissa is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and its name means ‘Our Lady of the Golden Flax’ in Greek. It’s considered to be…



Opened in 2014, CVAR's collection of art and archival material showcases the story of modern Cyprus. Galleries full of paintings and other artworks…

3. Famagusta Gate

0.14 MILES

Easternmost city gate Famagusta is the most photographed and best-preserved of the three original gates that led into the Old City of Nicosia. Its…

4. Pancyprian Gymnasium Museums

0.17 MILES

The extensive museum collection belonging to the Pancyprian Gymnasium lies just to the north of the school, housed in a line of restored houses. The…

5. National Struggle Museum


This display is really for die-hard history buffs. The National Struggle Museum exhibits documents, photos and other…

6. Venetian Walls

0.21 MILES

The Venetian walls form a border around the Old City and are so unusual that, once seen on a map, you’ll never forget the odd snowflake-like shape.

7. Pancyprian Gymnasium

0.22 MILES

Cyprus' oldest still-operating school dates back to 1812. Lawrence Durrell, author of Bitter Lemons of Cyprus, taught English here for several years in…

8. Folk Art Museum

0.23 MILES

This museum houses the largest collection of popular art and ethnography in the Republic. The building dates back to the 15th century and was used as the…