Hvar Town

This gorgeous grin of beach has a tiny cluster of stone houses and a couple of cafe-bars. The juxtaposition of the white pebbles alongside the brilliant blue-green water is dazzling. If you have your own wheels you can park on the highway, not far from where it turns inland towards the tunnel, and reach Dubovica via a rough stony path.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Hvar Town attractions

1. Zaraće

1.13 MILES

This little rocky and pebbly cove is just off the highway east of Hvar Town.

2. Milna

2.67 MILES

A small pebbly beach set beside a village, east of Hvar Town.

3. Mekićevica

3.63 MILES

A 25-minute walk via a scenic but rocky path from Pokonji Dol will bring you to this secluded, pebbly beach. It's a pretty spot, but its isolation means…

5. Tvrdalj

4.01 MILES

This fortified house was built by aristocrat and writer Petar Hektorović (1487–1572) in the 16th century. At its heart is a lovely, lush Renaissance…

6. St Stephen's Church

4.12 MILES

Built in 1605, this large church has a baroque facade and water-damaged paintwork inside in shades of pale green, blue and grey. Note the faux-marble…

7. Pokonji Dol

4.18 MILES

This large pebbly beach is literally at the end of the road if you're following the coast east from Hvar Town. There's a large restaurant here.

8. Franciscan Monastery

4.88 MILES

Overlooking a pretty cove, this 15th-century monastery has an elegant bell tower, built in the 16th century by a well-known family of stonemasons from…