St Lawrence's Cathedral

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Trogir's show-stopping attraction is its three-naved Venetian cathedral, one of the finest architectural works in Croatia, built between the 13th and 15th centuries. Master Radovan carved the grand Romanesque portal in 1240, flanked by a nude Adam and Eve standing on the backs of lions. At the end of the portico is another fine piece of sculpture: the 1464 cherub-filled baptistery sculpted by Andrija Aleši.

Inside, don't miss the richly decorated 15th-century Chapel of Blessed Ivan Orsini, Trogir's first bishop, halfway along the left-hand wall. Be sure to take a look at the treasury, which contains an ivory triptych and various silver reliquaries. You can also climb the 47m-high cathedral bell tower for views over the old town.

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1. Grand Cipiko Palace

0.02 MILES

This palatial house, opposite the cathedral, was home to a prominent family during the 15th century. It's not open to the public, but you can stop to…

2. Town Hall

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This 15th-century building beside the cathedral has a Gothic courtyard decorated with coats of arms, a monumental staircase and a well carved with the…

3. St Sebastian's Church

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No longer used for services, this 1476 church shelters stone sarcophagi and the photos of locals killed in the 1990s war. It's topped by a large, blue…

4. Town Loggia

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On the main square, this 13th-century open-sided structure contains an interesting relief by famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović.

5. Sacred Art Museum

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Highlights of this small museum include illuminated manuscripts; a large painting of St Jerome and St John the Baptist by Bellini; an almost-life-size,…

6. Trogir Town Museum

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Housed in the former Garagnin-Fanfogna palace, this museum exhibits books, documents, drawings and period costumes from Trogir’s long history.

7. Town Gate

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The main northern entrance to the old town, topped by a statue of the Blessed Ivan Orsini, Trogir's first bishop.

8. St Nicholas's Convent

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The treasury of this Benedictine convent is home to a dazzling 3rd-century relief of Kairos, the Greek god of opportunity, carved out of orange marble.