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Yuyin Mountain Villa


One of Guangdong's four famous classical gardens, this graceful property on the outskirts of the city was built in 1871 by an official of the Qing court. It incorporates the landscaping styles of Sūzhōu and Hángzhōu, and the features of Lingnan architecture. The result is a photogenic collection of courtyards, pavilions, terraces, halls and water features. It's a 20-minute walk from the metro station to Yuyin Mountain Villa. A taxi from central Guangzhou should cost about ¥80 to ¥100.

Highlights include the Waterside Pavilion, which commands a different vista on each of its eight sides, and the Deep Willow Room with its 'Manchu' windows (满洲窗, mǎnzhoū chuāng) of coloured glass, designed to create the illusion of the passing seasons by altering the hue of the garden scenery.

A dessert shop on the premises is famous for ginger milk curd (姜汁撞奶, jiāngzhī zhuàngnăi; ¥10), a pudding-type treat made by adding the squeezed juice of fresh ginger to heated buffalo's milk.

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